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Celene Cuisine 1 years ago

#CeleneCuisine Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

"I have a new summer twist on my signature beautifying, healthy breakfast smoothie. This vanilla-mango recipe inspired by Welleco satisfies and fills me up for my busy mornings, while also giving me added beauty-boosting benefits to enhance my hair, skin and nails."

"I've been on a summer fruit kick lately, so this new take on my beautifying smoothie really hits the spot while filling me up for my on-the-go mornings with clean protein to give me energy. It can also be a sweet treat in the afternoons in between lunch and dinner if you have a sweet tooth!"

What You'll Need:


How to:

Step One: Add all ingredients into blender. Blend + pulse until smooth.

Step Two: Fill up your favourite large glass. Sprinkle with extra Ceylon Cinnamon.


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