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Do You Really Need An Eye Cream?

Stephanie Gee in hair towel applying eye cream

Your eyes deserve a moment of their own.

To maximize the effects of your eye cream, there are a few things to know and we're here for you.

We're sharing our tips and product recommendations on how you can achieve brighter eyes. 

Holding the Shani darden intensive eye renewal eye cream

When applying eye cream, we recommend using a pea size to start. It is best to apply eye cream with the cushion part of your finger tip and pat gently onto the skin. With most eye creams, you can apply all around the eye, including the lid. For eye creams that include Retinol, it is best to avoid the eyelid. Once you have applied a pea size, you can then see if the skin needs more hydration. If so, you can apply one more layer, again using a pea size amount and tap onto the skin. 


Apply your eye cream after your face cream. While we may want to load up on our eye cream because we think it could help boost the effects, applying too much product here where the skin is much thinner and without pores can actually create the reverse of the desired effect. 

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Stephanie Gee holding up the Dr. Barbara Sturm Super Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Many people assume you can use face cream as your eye cream and while that would be easy, it does not give the results we want to achieve. Think of it like this: the skin on the face is equivalent to printer paper, the skin around the eyes is equivalent to parchment paper and the skin on the neck, chest and body is equivalent to construction paper. This means that each area requires a different delivery system of ingredients for optimal results.

A high quality eye cream should be thinner in formulation to a face cream and have specific ingredients gentle enough to be put around the eye and orbital bones. For example, putting anymore than 5% Vitamin C around the eye would cause damage to the skin, whereas our face can withstand up to 15% Vitamin C for optimal results. The difference may seem small but the impact is very significant. 

Depending on your skin, you may be prone to milia around the eyes. Milia is essentially a congested pore around the eyes, which is caused by a heavy weight or oil based product. Instead try a gel based eye product such as AOX Eye Gel. To treat milia, we recommend seeing a dermatologist. 

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Our best recommendations based on concern:

New To Eye Cream - try The Outset Smoothing Vitamin C Eye + Expression Lines Cream

Dark Circles - try Shani Darden's Intensive Eye Renewal

Puffiness - try Dr. Devgan's Peptide Eye Cream

Anti-Aging - try Dr. Barbara Sturm's Super Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Shani Darden Intensive Eye Renewal Before & After
Shani Darden Intensive Eye Renewal Cream Before and After results
Take It A Step Further

Looking for even more brightness under the eyes? The Gee Beauty Brightening Concealer is going to be your new secret weapon. Thanks to the multi-purpose brightening, concealing and hydrating formula, one swipe will give your complexion a refreshed and natural, radiant-looking finish. Plus, it's a creamy liquid texture that has a gorgeous medium coverage with long-lasting staying power.

Here's to bright eyes!


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