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Father's Day With Alan Gee

For a special Father's Day Edition of the Gee Edit, we get to hear from Mr. Gee himself.

As a master marketer, entrepreneur and creative mind, Alan is sharing some of the lessons he's learned as well as some of the people who have inspired him along the way. 
Lesson #1:

There is no age limit. People are too conditioned to believe that the best years are the classic 30 to 50 years of high performance in one's career. But I've learned that brilliance comes at any age from wonderkids in their teens to geniuses at 80.

Never stop trying, learning, and growing. There is no finishing line.” - Alan Gee
Lesson #2:

Passion. Life is all about passions. A passion for your hobbies, a passion for your family, for your partner, for all the things you do in your life.

Follow your passions and let them lead you to the success you want for a balanced life.

Lesson #3:

Never ever send an email, a text or make a call when you're mad, angry or need to vent. Nothing ever good will come of it. Time is your friend and your saviour. Cool heads are friends. Hot heads are the enemies of ourselves.

Three People I Admire:

#1 + 2: My Mum

The list of people I admire is massive - from the arts and business to entertainment to the humanities. It's very hard to pick just three. But... As this post is reflective of Father's Day, ironically I have to say I admired my mother as I look back.

She was widowed at a frighteningly early age with two kids aged four and five. To watch her work so hard and make so many sacrifices for me and my sister, I think of her as both my mother and my father, of whom I recall only a little. So I count my Mum as two people I admire. Thanks, Mum, for all that you did for us.

#3: Miriam Gee

For the third, it has to be, the woman that gave me three wonderful amazing daughters, my wife Miriam.

Watching Miriam give birth and rear three fabulous daughters, having two amazing and successful careers before even starting Gee Beauty is a true testament to how strong women are and that they indeed can do it all. 

So, while it's hats off to Father's day, It's Mother's Day year-round!

Wishing you a beautiful day!

- Alan Gee

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