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Calm 3 months ago

Finding Time For Yourself During The Holidays

No matter what your plans are this holiday season, you deserve some self-care!

We love hosting and attending parties but this time of year it's easy to get swept up and forget to fill up our own cup first.

After a whirlwind 2022, we're here to remind you of our favorite and most effective wellness practices. We're all about keeping some balance so we're sharing our top tips to help you feel more present in between the fun and festive family time, the holiday celebrations, and the packed schedules.

We're here to guide you through a little time for "R + R." Let's fill up your cup with some self-care, movement, wellness rituals and definitely some skincare SOS.

Set The Vibe:

If you're looking to decompress, make your space as calming as possible. Dim the lights, light a candle and even take some deep breaths with soothing essential oils. Ice rolling on your face or using a facial massager coupled with some gorgeous oils is also an excellent idea. Whatever feels calming and regenerating for you, is perfect!

Move Your Body:

Getting yourself moving, whether it's by walking or working out, is going to elevate your mood and give you a natural boost. Giving yourself the time to get a sweat in is the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season. Working out is amazing for clearing our heads but it also is amazing for boosting circulation, giving us a natural glow. If a workout isn't your cup of tea, try using an energizing body brush or lymphatic massage tool to get things moving internally.

Treat Yourself:

Now is the time to amp up all things self-care so book in for a pampering facial treatment, massage, or fancy manicure. Trust us, the added you-time will put that spring back into your step. Plus, we guarantee everyone at your next holiday party will ask you how you got that gorgeous glow!

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Stay Hydrated:

Drinking enough water during the day is always on our minds but even more so around the holidays as boozy beverages tend to be flowing. For every cocktail you enjoy, chase with a glass of water to ensure you stay hydrated and fresh for the next day. A Gee tip is to add a variety of mix-ins to our water to keep it interesting and extra flavorful. Try adding herbs like rosemary and mint or add in ginger, grapefruit, blackberries or cucumber. The options are endless!

Laugh Out Loud:

Nothing beats a great laugh so when it doubt, laugh it out! Make time for dinner with old friends that will make you laugh until your stomach hurts. Also, this time of year there are tons of funny holiday movies to watch but if all else fails, there are always hilarious Tiktoks to boost your mood.

Get Plenty of Sleep:

Getting enough sleep for yourself is crucial, especially during the busy holiday season. Miriam is sharing her tips to create a bedtime routine that will leave you feeling recharged.  It's important that you signal to your body that it's time to unwind: try taking a bath or shower, stretching your body, drinking a calming or herbal tea, reading or try some deep breathing with an essential oil on your wrists. Once you do it consistently for a few nights, you'll notice a difference and be hooked on these habits and sleep better.

My nighttime calming tea with a little added honey sets the tone and brings a nice calmness to my evening. Something else that helps me relax is using my gua sha. Not only do I notice instant results, but the massaging is so soothing.” - Miriam Gee
Make Time For Skincare:

Taking care of our skin is a must but finding the time can be tricky, especially during the holidays. Squeeze in a little extra you-time in between activities and you'll thank yourself later. Tight on time? Try applying a nourishing face mask while you shop online for last-minute gifts. Give your hair some TLC while you run errands — slather on a hydrating hair mask and put your hair in a bun. It's these little moments that often make the biggest impact!

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This is your sign to schedule that time for yourself!
Happy Holidays!
Love, The Gee's


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