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Travel a year ago

The 2022 Gee Beauty Travel Guide

Heading out on a weekend getaway, trip to the beach, cottage, the mountains, or a European vacation?

Packing for a summer trip is all about editing, organizing, prepping and planning so that you can arrive, enjoy the experience, and stay present while making beautiful memories.

The key to a great pack is knowing where you're going and what you're doing: visualize yourself on the trip as it relates to the climate, the activities, where you're staying and what you've got planned. This really helps you plan accordingly.

We've rounded up our top travel tips to help you arrive at your summer destination in style.

In-Flight Essentials

Flying can often create stress on the skin and our digestive systems (think breakouts, major dehydration, bloating or constipation), it's all about being preventative and proactive. Water is key! The air on planes is very drying, so staying hydrated helps replenish us. I like to bring my own healthy, low-sodium snacks and super hydrating fruits - but I aim to eat very lightly while flying (I try to eat before - I love my green smoothie - with enough time to digest before take-off). At such high altitude our digestion isn't optimal, so the goal is to go easy on it. 

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I love to pack a case of beauty essentials to use in-flight: makeup removing wipes, mini hydrating serums, skin mist, hand cream, lip balm, eye cream, a skin tool like a jade roller or a gua sha, even a sheet mask if you're so inclined. I'll apply a round of skincare about twice per flight, removing my makeup first or wearing very little). I find the ritual of the routine actually helps calm flying jitters - it's like I have tasks to do - staying hydrated, reading a book or listening to a podcast, doing my skincare - it helps the time pass.

How To Pack Your Beauty:

Not sure which skincare products to pack for your trip? Work backwards from your favorites/essentials. What products do you find help your skin the most? Those are like your non-negotiables because you have a great regimen and you don't want to compromise it - so just condense it!

TIP: Stock-up on travel sized cleansers and serums, q-tips, face pads, individually packed makeup wipes and any of your favorite products, so that when you book a trip, you've got a great beauty stash to pull from. Travel can dry out our skin, so don't forget a good face, eye and neck creams. 

I always pack a detoxing or skin purifying mask and apply it as soon as I get to the hotel. It really helps with any breakouts I might be facing post-flight” - Celene Gee
What To Wear:

I love to pack layers because you can create a lot of different looks with a few options that can be worn multiple ways: a great oversized blazer can be worn with cut-off shorts, a long slip dress, my workout wear, and even to elevate my sweats. Often times I wear items on repeat and just change up my accessories, or pull my hair back into a sleek bun. I also always pack my workout essentials because I know that even a quick gym stop helps me feel my best.

I always like to create a visual in my mind of my fashion look for the destination, while considering the climate and the activities I'll be doing.” - Natalie Gee

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How To Get Adjusted:

TIP: this is underrated but really transformative - When you arrive, try to do something that makes you feel adjusted and settled. It could be a trip to the grocery store to grab your favorite nourishing foods, a quick gym stop, a walk outdoors, a nap, or even a massage. Choose something that makes you feel reset or something that is part of your regular day-to-day routine to make you feel your most comfortable.

If possible, don't overcommit yourself to a tight schedule as soon as you arrive, as it can create stress and make you feel unsettled.” - Celene Gee
Listen To This:

Keep your travel mood elevated with a few great playlists, audiobooks, or podcasts. Regardless of what you're into or feeling on your travel day, keeping your mind occupied with a great story or informative podcast is a major energy boost and it will help the time go by, especially on the plane.

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Safe travels!
xx Celene


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