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Lifestyle 2 months ago

#GeeEdit Takeover: Meet Joanna Czech

Get to know world-renowned skincare expert Joanna Czech.

Today on the #GeeEdit, Joanna is taking over to share with us not only her skincare + lifestyle tips but also how she manages to do it all while cracking a few jokes along the way.

In celebration of the Gee’s heading to Joanna Czech in Dallas next month to lead our signature Makeup Class, we’ve asked Joanna to guest host this week’s Sunday #GeeEdit Blog. Learn all about her truly one-of-a-kind approach to beauty, her morning routine, what she always packs when she travels, and the common mistakes so many of us make when it comes to skincare.

Plus, Don’t miss Joanna in our Miami Studio on Thursday, February 23rd. More details to follow!

1. What does your typical morning routine look like?

My most ideal morning routine when I’m not travelling — I wake up around 7:30 to 7:45 a.m. First, I brush my teeth and scrape my tongue. Then I go straight to my Nespresso machine, where I have a diluted espresso lungo – my favorite flavor is ‘Roma’ – and half a banana or a hard-boiled egg to have a little in my stomach before my workout. Around 8 a.m. I meet with my personal trainer for an hour. After my workout, I take a quick morning shower and a simple morning skincare routine. Once I’m showered, I pick out my outfit and always start with my shoes. I eat a quick breakfast, usually a bowl of oatmeal with berries. Then I’m off to see my first client at 10 a.m.

2. We love that you love Gee Beauty! How do you incorporate Gee Beauty makeup into your routine?

Prime Skin 4 is my final step every day following my Balm. It keeps my skin hydrated and flawless all day. If I want more of a glow, I like to mix it with my C+ Serum. Then when I’m extra tired and need a boost around my eyes, I use the Soft Blur Radiance Priming Balm. This stuff is magic!

Miriam + Steph's IG Live With Joanna

3. What are your best tips to keep your skin looking good while travelling?

I always joke that my second job is being a flight attendant. I’ve mastered keeping my skin hydrated and healthy while travelling. I always pack a toner to control the pH of my skin and help reduce any inflammation. I mix my Soothing Serum (which is packed with hyaluronic acid and anti-irritating/soothing ingredients) with my C+ Serum (full of antioxidants) which we need when travelling. Then I layer my Balm (also apply to my lips) to maximize hydration and protect my skin.

4. What do you always take in your day bag or carrying-on?

My carry-on is quite complex and is a great arm workout when I travel. Here is what I always have in it — healthy snacks, headphones, supplement packs, sexy compression socks, my cashmere socks + blanket, current book, sudoku book, my study/reading materials (I’m never not learning), an extra set of underwear and socks, my hand sanitizer and my “Czeched Out” sleep mask. Then once I’m past TSA, I get two water bottles to stay hydrated!

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5. What are some of the most common misconception or mistake people make in terms of their skin routine?

• Skipping the nighttime routine - this is so important!

• Doing what your girlfriend does — our skin is so different and has its own needs.

• Forgetting about your neck, decollate and hands.

• Overtreating your skin — your skin does not need to hurt to be healthy.

• Lack of consistency — things don’t happen overnight so you must be consistent for good results.

• Healthy skin is not just products you use but 70% is your lifestyle.

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