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Routines a year ago

How Natalie Gee Is Committing To Consistency

For me, 2023 is about challenging myself.

I've identified some unique and specific parts of my life that I see an opportunity to improve upon and while I already have pretty healthy habits most of the time, and am committed to feeling my best, what can sometimes be a challenge is maintaining the consistency to get to the next level of my goals.

I know I thrive in my routines - they make me feel my best, give me energy and focus, and allow me to lead my full and busy life.

But like so many of us, I can tend to fall out of my routines - missing my early morning workouts, going to bed too late, staying up watching a show, not meal prepping and ordering food instead, and not drinking enough water.

It's not about January 1st or the idea of the new year as a catalyst for change. It's about digging into + embracing some daily habits that I know really contribute to my overall wellbeing. I'm sharing today as inspiration for finding what works for you. For me, it's really about committing to consistency.

Sticking To A Sleep Schedule:

Creating a sleep schedule (and sticking to it!) is an amazing way to get your body into a routine. I look forward to my 5 AM wake-ups because it's become my me-time. It allows me to do the things I love like working out, doing my skincare, and enjoying my morning coffee in the peace and tranquillity of my own thoughts. Going to bed regularly at 9 PM helps the early wake-up call not be so jarring and it gives me time to wind down and revel in the magic of my evening routine.

Generally speaking, I'm fascinated and inspired by people's superpowers. What are their daily practices and habits that allow them to achieve greatness, in any area. I notice that when people get off any type of stimulant or they change their daily behavior, they notice a variety of health and lifestyle benefits.” - Natalie Gee
No More Coffee:

This one might not be for everyone, but coffee was a daily habit that I was leaning on too much as a crutch. I felt I had to question my almost 'obsession' or compulsion with it. I'm an all-or-nothing type of person, that's me. I knew I wanted to take a break from it in December - and let me tell you I felt the detox: bad headaches, irritability, and moody. But I powered through.

When I stopped regular coffee I started with about a 4-ounce cup of decaf right away to have at least the feeling of the ritual. I also introduced hot water with lemon and inulin from The Tahini Goddess. This made the lemon water more desirable to me vs the plain black decaf coffee. I also started to do something which I never did - timing my supplements. Before, I was taking them at any time of day - usually in the morning right after my coffee - and all at once, pretty. quickly. I wasn't thinking about timing them but now I wake up, have my hot water with lemon and inulin, 1 liter of water before decaf coffee, and take the supplements that go without food, being more conscious. Now I space out my mornings. They are calmer and more intentional.

Do I miss coffee? Of course but I see how it was a stimulant for me because when I stopped, I felt all the effects getting off - brain fog, dizziness and I'm sure I'm still weaning off it. The only thing I like about not having coffee is not having coffee. I showed myself that I could do it. I do ultimately I needed the challenge. following through with something I set out to do. Will I drink coffee again, in Europe at a cafe? Of course! Now it's totally within my control to enjoy.

Prepping My Meals:

Meal prepping is definitely a great way to ensure you stick to your goals and routine because you'll have nourishing and delicious food ready whenever you need it. If you're having trouble getting started or it feels like a daunting task, try romanticizing the entire process from the drive or walk to the grocery store, the shopping, and the prepping and cooking. Put on some music and dance your way through and in a few short hours, your fridge will be full of meals and snacks to get you through the week.

I love to pull pre-made veggies and protein, and any other leftovers from the night before and make a few things to bring to the office.” - Natalie Gee
Keep It Moving:

It's no secret that the Gee women live for our 10k steps everyday. What makes it fun for me is by mixing it up with jumping on the rebounder, walking on the treadmill and walking in the park with my family. The rebounder is amazing for a morning boost! I jump for 30 minutes and instantly feel more energized. As an added bonus, it makes my skin look amazing.

More Present Family Time:

When I'm not filming makeup tutorials, or seeing clients at Gee Beauty in Miami you can find me with my wife @Rachel_Fitness and three kids: Jesse, Jack and Ari. In order to prioritize family time with my wife and children, I stay dedicated to a routine that better serves me so I can be there for my family.

Also most importantly! No two days are the same so you also have to cut yourself some slack. Some days when we do get it, it feels like winning the lottery. But the next day could be a miss and it’s all good! Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start.” - Natalie Gee
Makeup In The Car:

I've recently discovered that I love doing my makeup in the car! First of all, natural lighting is always integral when applying makeup so the car is perfect for that plus it's quiet and gives me a few moments for me. While doing my makeup in the car, I think about the day ahead, what I want to achieve and the energy I'll bring with me. It's truly a gamechanger!

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Here's to 2023!
xx Natalie Gee


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