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Travel a year ago

How To Travel With Kids: Gee Edition

Travelling with kids?

While it can be stressful at times, we do our best to stay relaxed and calm. The Gee-Robinson family is very relaxed in general and it’s also part of our parenting style.

From how we pack to where we sit on the plane, we've got you covered with a few travel tips from the Gee-Robinson’s!

Tip #1: Pack Light!

Rachel and I personally pack light and organize our belongings together in one bag. We minimize our options - keeping in mind how we mix and match our pieces. We hand wash a lot like body suits which are easy to wash and fold. For staples I know I need wherever I go, I pack supplements like Holi(Mane) and Goddess Prebiotic in small baggies - portioned for my must need daily decaf coffees! I make sure I have my necessities so that I feel like I’m a priority. 

Yes, the kids come first, but I make sure I have my necessities so that I feel like I’m a priority too.” - Natalie Gee
Tip #2: The Back Is Where It's At!

Before travelling with kids, we always wanted to be near the front of the plane. However, things have changed. Rachel and I have grown to love the back of the plane. Not only is it nearer to the restrooms, but there's typically more room for the kids to roam and, well, be kids! During the plane ride, we want the kids to have fun, so we allow the kids to pack their own backpacks with snacks and 1-2 toys each — something familiar that makes them feel happy and safe. iPads come in clutch, rarely we travel without them. 

Tip #3: Kids Will Be Kids!

A huge tip I learned from Miriam Gee, is to not make behavior a big deal on the plane. I know my kids are good and the have great behavior. So when they are crying because of air pressure or telling me they have to pee in the midst of turbulence - we do our very best to be patient and to take care of their needs. If that means a balancing act to the bathroom, or whispers to play some games when they cry - is just what they need, and interestingly we need to be reminded of this too.

Safe travels!
xx Natalie


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