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Travel a month ago

How We Do Pre-Vacation Prep


Today on the #GeeList, we're sharing how we get ready for an upcoming trip.


Brows, Lashes + Facial

First things first, we love to book ourselves in for beauty treatments that offer longevity like brow and lash lifts, tints, facials and laser hair removal. Not only does it give us that little boost and spring in our step, and make getting ready in the morning a breeze (no brow gel or lash curling needed!) but it truly enhances your natural beauty and features. Plus it keeps everything low maintence during our travels.

A Steph Gee pre-travel ritual is a spray tan! It gives such an incredible glow to the skin and the results look so natural and flawless.

Lash lifts and tints are such a game changer. They make getting ready in the morning so easy and truly make such a difference during travel!” - Steph Gee

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Outfit Planning

Is there anything better than planning outfits for an upcoming getaway? Plus doing a little shopping for something new is one of our favorite pre-vacay guilty pleasures. As content creators, we know that while we're away on vacation, we need to have our outfits planned and at the ready!

To make packing super simple, we lay out each individual outfit including shoes, jewelry and accessories so that no small detail is left behind. We then take it a step further by photographing each outfit to reference it on our trip. We also love using packing cubes now too, you can get so much more in and it keeps everything really organized.

Tip: make sure to always check the weather at your destination and pack accordingly for any adverse weather!

Organization keeps the noise and clutter out, and organization and calmness in.” - Miriam Gee
Meal Planning

We always make dinner reservations ahead of time when we're in a new city. Often we'll look at different city guides, and get recommendations from friends in the area. We're also known for doing a quick grocery shop upon arriving. We love having fresh fruit, veggies and different healthy snacks available in the room. It really helps any place feel more like home!

Beauty On The Go

One thing (of many!) we love about planning a trip is that we get to use all of our skincare samples from when we shop from Gee Beauty. They're perfect to use while travelling and when you collect enough, you can rotate them and give yourself a new "facial" everytime. It feels so exciting to try new products plus it will lighten the load of your suitcase!

Don't want to pack your entire makeup cupboard with you? Pick up a Gee Beauty makeup kit and travel with just the essentials. We have so many multi-use and multi-purpose products available like our blushes that double as eyeshadow and our Color Sticks that can be used on the cheeks, lips and eyes. Plus our newly launched brush collection features THREE brushes each with two ends so they're perfect for on-the-go! There are so many to choose from so no matter what look you want or what the occasion is, we have you + your beauty covered!

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In-Flight Essentials

The way we prep for a flight has so much to do with our energy for our trip. We prep out skincare, snacks and other essentials ahead of time so the entire experience and journey is stress-free and enjoyable.

We try to eat quite light before flying as it can effect the digestion system and we of course drink lots of water (even more than usual!) to keep hydrated on the plane and once we land. To help us stay true to our goals we like to pack our own snacks for the plane.

We also make time to download any new podcasts we want to tune into in-flight. Miriam's most recent go-to is Athena Calderone's (@eyeswoon) Podcast called More Than One Thing, where she interviews creative people with multi-hyphenate careers and pursuits.

Fresh things like cucumber, blueberries, dates and healthy chips are some of our go-to plane snacks.” - Celene Gee
Here's to summer travels!
xx The Gees


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