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Travel 21 days ago

How We Do Summer: Gee-Robinson Edition


With busy schedules during the year, we are setting the tone for our summer break with a very relaxed energy. If you know us, then you know the Gee-Robinson's are a party of 5 and we show up everywhere all together.


Family-Friendly Travel

Rachel and I have always made family time a priority and if you know you know, we go everywhere together. We love planning last-minute trips to see family and friends and one of our favorite family destinations is NYC!

Our family LOVES a weekend in the city. We walk as much as we can and basically try to get to every ice cream truck possible! We rotate between a few of the kids' favorite parks and for Rachel and I it's just about seeing them create memories and have these experiences together. It really means everything to us.

When travelling with the kids, we always opt for the back of the plane. Not only is it nearer to the restrooms, but there's typically more room for the kids to roam and, well, be kids!” - Natalie Gee

I always pack a few activity books, looms for bracelets and chokers, and iPads of course. Nothing is off the table for our family. We like to take a moderation is everything approach and happiness and fun is our barometer. 

Find us eating at Jack’s Wife Freda (we love their coffee!) or Sant Ambroeus. My absolute favorite ritual is my daily morning walk to Bonberi Mart. I could spend hours and a small fortune in that place!

Summer Shopping:

I’ve lately been LOVING J. Crew for the kids (and for me!) but I've also been so into the J. Crew Factory because doesn't everyone love a deal?! These older season items are priced so well especially since it’s one season wear for the kids. The boys are casual in t-shirts and shorts - I can get them into khakis too - and Ari is cool with “whatever is cute”. Rachel's style is so much more active than mine but we keep our staples consistent and then share blazers and jackets!

The perks of marrying a woman is that you have double the options of wardrobe and accessories! ” - Natalie Gee

If you follow me on Instagram @natgeebeauty, then you know I’ve been sharing more of my style and how I curate my wardrobe. I think with so may options out there, creating a signature style is a concept that you can come back to that always defines you.

When it comes to creating your signature style, you want to always make sure you have some key essentials that wear well, wash well, and fit well.

For summer, I love to incorporate linen into the mix - maybe it’s a great oversized linen blazer and something that you can wear over leggings or shorts - and I think that a great denim skirt can be so versatile. I'm also a big believer in re-wearing items that you love. If you felt amazing and confident in yesterday's outfit, re-wear it again the next day. It doesn't matter who saw you, it's about you feeling your best!

Shop My Summer Wardrobe Faves!

Loving what you have gives you the best reason to wear it over and over again!” - Natalie Gee

With the launch of Moisture Tint, I have been completely addicted to this sheer luminous mineral tint and have been applying it daily! My summer look has been Multi Prime, Moisture Tint, Brightening Concealer, Golden Glow Bronzer and Multi Mascara.  

For my summer skincare, I’ve been reaching for my Skinceuticals CE Ferulic, Agent Nateur Holi Soleil, my Skinny Confidential Body Brush, and the De La Heart Belly Balm - it literally gives you the softest and smoothest skin!

Moisture Tint is my quickie glow on the glow tinted moisturizer. Perfect for the weekend with the kids!” - Natalie Gee

The Gee-Robinson Summer Playlist

We are so excited for a summer full of memories and time spent together! Happy Summer!

xx The Gee-Robinsons


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