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Skin a month ago

How We Get Our Skin Summer-Ready


Today on the #GeeEdit, we're sharing all of the ways to switch up your skincare regimen for the season.


Miriam Gee:

For me, summer is all about getting those extra steps. I have been so into my walks and it's all because I started spending more time with Steph's dog Ginger. I love her so much and she keeps me accountable to keep moving and encourages me to go on walks and be outside. Staying hydrated is also essential to achieving your best summer skin. I've been doubling my water intake and eating more hydrating fruits as well as berries for extra antioxodants.

I've edited down my summer skincare routine for simplicity but also efficacy. My tried and true, year-round favorites are Prime Beauty Oil, Liquid Glow, Dr. Sebagh Platinum Gold Elixir. Getting a good night's rest is also imperative. I've recently added in the Mouth Tape from The Skinny Confidential into my nighttime routine. It's a gamechanger for getting a deeper sleep. I also love taking Arrae Calm and Sleep to signal that it's time to wind down.

What I'm Swapping:

I'm swapping out my winter time heavy face creams for lighter moisturizers and serums

On summer weekends, I'm all about Platinum Gold Elixir, New Moisture Tint (coming soon!), a great pair of sunglasses and the dog leash.” - Miriam Gee
Natalie Gee:

My summer vibe is all about everything feeling edited. I'm in deep organization mode, decluttering my clothing + skin wardrobe. I'm focused on building my summer uniform and it consists of lots of linen blazers, denim mini skirts and of course, sneakers because I'm in my sports mom era!

My summer skincare routine is focused on brightening and rejuvenating the skin. I'm using all of my tools and I'm taking a full body approach to hydration, inside and out. With the warmer weather I've already started dry brushing more often because I show more skin during the summer. I've also reintroduced the De La Heart Body Butter back into my body routine, it hydrates so beautifully and makes my skin feel so soft.

What I'm Swapping:

I'm swapping out my retinols in favor of the Dr. Dennis Gross LED mask and using it 4 times a week. I'm also swapping my daily lighter exfoliation for the Goop Exfoliating Jelly Cleanser and using it 2 times a week for a deeper exfoliation.

Because the summer is so busy with the kids (just how we like it!), I'm keeping new Moisture Tint (launching soon) and the new Kerrently x Gee Beauty kits in my car. They have everything you need to achieve a gorgeous and effortless makeup look in just a few minutes.” - Natalie Gee
Celene Gee:

During the summer, I'm all about skincare products that offer a cooling effect. I love keeping the Joanna Czech Face Mask in the fridge along with my tools as the cold really calms the skin in the Miami heat. I'm also following Steph's lead and re-introducing Dr. Barbara Sturm's Better B Serum back into my routine to calm inflammation and tighten my pores. I'm applying Physical Fusion everyday and the Dr. Barbara Sturm Everything Eye Patches are coming with me everywhere!

When it heats up and there's humidity, we tend to retain more water and that means we need to focus on lymphatic drainage to reduce inflammation in the body. I'm a big bath person, even in the summer, and I love epsom salt baths, dry brushing and using my De La Heart Body Sculptor to sculpt and de-puff.

What I'm Swapping:

I'm swapping my warm glow bronzer for golden glow and my heavier body balms for lighter lotions like the u beauty super body hydrator. I'm adding in liquid glow 02 for a bronzed glow and pinkybeam for a pop of color.

In the evenings when it's typically cooler, out I'll go for a walk and finish the day with my legs up the wall. Just five minutes makes such a difference!” - Celene Gee
Steph Gee:

During the summer, the Skinny Condifential Ice Roller becomes my best friend. I lean on products to really cool and calm my skin. I'm so excited for a new product coming SO soon from Agent Nateur, it's a wellness game changer!

This summer I'll be in my travel girl era so I'm planning my travel skincare + beauty pouches. I fill the Gee Beauty Clear Clutches with different travel beauty + skin essentials so I can honor my routines even while away from home. Stay tuned to learn how I build them and what will be inside!

One of my summer skin essentials is definitely the Dr. Dennis Gross Universal Daily Peel Pads. They're amazing for summer and being on-the-go. I'm loving spending time in my backyard this season, my husband and I worked so hard to transform it into our perfect escape and I always ensure I apply lots of SPF while outside. The new Holi (Soleil) from Agent Nateur is an incredible mineral SPF that goes so on beautifully under makeup.

What I'm Swapping:

For the season I'm swapping out the Joanna Czech Balm (which I love for the dryer winter months) for her Soothing Serum because of how it calms inflammation (which happens to my skin during the hot, humid months). I'm also adding Dr. Sturm's better b serum back into my rotation to brighten and help minimize pores.

To refresh my skin during the day, I use my tried and true Hydration X3 Mist. It delivers instant hydration and feels so energizing.” - Steph Gee

Get your best summer skin

Here's to our best summer skin! xx The Gees


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