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Introducing Biologique Recherche

Here at Gee Beauty, we don't believe in beauty secrets.

We're of the mind that sharing is caring and everyone can benefit from a beauty trick, or two. That's why when we learn something new or come across a brand or product we love, we NEED to share it with you.

After being such fans of the iconic and transformative brand Biologique Recherche, we knew we had to introduce it to our clients at our Gee Beauty studio in Miami.

Personally ever since incorporating Biologique Recherche into my existing routine, my skin looks brighter and feels more firm than ever before.” - Natalie Gee

The key to seeing results with any skincare product or brand is to receive an in-depth consultation with an expert who can really help pin-point how to achieve your skin goals. And that's exactly the key to getting your best results with Biologique Recherche. Having a personalized and customized routine created by trusted experts means that we know how to transform your skin!

P50 is 1 of 1. This multi-acid + multifunction lotion gave me the skin of my dreams thanks to it's purifying, toning, exfoliating and balancing features.” - Ashleigh Johansen, E-Commerce + Digital Communication, Gee Beauty Miami

Questions about our services?

Ready to dive into your best skin ever? Our experts are at the ready and can arrange a virtual consultation over the phone at 305-868-3533, or in-person at our Miami Beach studio at 1845 Purdy Avenue.