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Gee Women 1 years ago

Stephanie Gee's Pre-Wedding To-Do List

We've officially set our wedding date in June 2023, so the countdown is on!

Aside from organizing food, decor and music, my biggest priority is my beauty prep.

Here is my pre-wedding beauty to-do list:

To-Do List:

Facials, Facials, Facials!

I've booked myself in once a month with Francine, Gee Beauty Toronto's Associate Medi-Beauty Manager, for customized treatments. In the warmer months we will focus on softer treatments such as Medi Multi Express and Micro Management and in the cooler months, we will incorporate more medical treatments such as the Age-Less Facial (microneedling) and IPL treatments to target pores and pigmentation. 

Changing Up My Skincare Routine:

Francine performed a Visia Consultation on me in early June so we could analyze and strategize my skincare routine. The Visia Consult gives us the scientific direction for what products I should include in my skincare routine. It takes a deeper look into the skin and identifies all aspects of your complexion from sun damage, wrinkles, texture, discoloration, UV spots and more.

Needless to say, I've switched up a few things and am absolutely loving the additions. My new routine includes Dr. Sturm. Super Anti-Aging Eye Cream, Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads and Dr. Lara Devgan Hyaluronic Serum.

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Never Skip My Supplements!

I'll admit, sometimes I skip a supplement for a few days for no particular reason, but with my wedding prep, I'm super motivated to keep on top of all my routines, supplements included. My 2 supplement musts are: 3 Catalyst Gold in the morning and 3 Wellbel in the evening. I've also added an electrolyte powder to my morning litre of water and a magnesium supplement before bed for better quality sleep. 

My Fitness Routine:

I'm a huge believer in moving my body regularly for physical and mental health. I am super committed to doing Rachel Fitness 30 minute classes on her app 2-3 times a week. Rachel's workouts are challenging, fun (her energy is unmatched) and incredibly effective. To balance out those workouts, I make sure to reach 10k steps a day.

And since getting engaged, I've added in a little something extra. I've recently started working out with a trainer, Noah Schwartz for even more focused strength and weight training. While my goal is to feel great physically on my wedding day, my greater goal is to feel strong, healthy and fit everyday! I am such a believer in taking care of our bodies for mental and physical health. 

Body Care:

Just like my skincare routine, I have a body-care routine. In prep for the wedding, I am focused on dry brushing every morning, elevating my legs and de-puffing my legs with the Dela Heart Body Paddle every night, exfoliating with the Goop Exfoliating Scrub in the shower and self-tanning with the Miami Gorgeous Tanning Mousse. I will also be doing Body Contouring sessions at Gee Beauty 6 months prior to the wedding. More on that to come! 

Steph's Getting Ready Playlist

Here's to I Do!
xx Steph


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