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Makeup Tips 5 years ago

Stephanie Gee Lash Tips

Sometimes all you need are your lashes lifted and curled, and the rest of your beauty look instantly comes together. Full, fluttery lashes awaken the eye, and create sexy definition even without a smoky shadow or pencil. 

Stephanie Gee shares the 4 products she layers on that takes her lash game to a whole new level.

Grande Lash

Grande Lash

First, Stephanie starts with Grande Lash, a magnesium-based serum that promotes the growth of lashes but without any harmful ingredients. “I’m very committed to my Grande Lash," says Stephanie. "I religiously apply it twice a day, keeping it right next to my toothbrush so I remember to do it." You will begin to notice a dramatic difference within 3-4 weeks. 

Gee Beauty Lash Primer

Gee Beauty Lash Primer

Next Stephanie applies Gee Beauty Lash Primer. It adds nutrients to your lashes as it is keratin based and helps with the longevity of your mascara. You won’t get any flaking or smudging as the primer keeps everything in place.

Gee Beauty Lash Curler

Lash Curler

Nailing down your technique on the lash curler really makes a difference. Stephanie likes to pulse the curler 4-5 times to really secure the curl. 

Gee Beauty XLXL Mascara

Gee Beauty XLXL Mascara

Finish off with Gee Beauty’s best-selling mascara, XLXL. “I like to apply 3 coats of XLXL,” says Stephanie. The mascara is buildable so add as many layers as you want!

“I often re-curl and re-apply my mascara around 2pm, when I notice my lashes starting to fall,” says Stephanie. “I love the instant effect the lash curler has on my eyes - instantly opening them and making my eyes look more awake.”


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