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Wellness 3 years ago

Stephanie Gee's 5 Tips To Build New Habits

Now can be a great time to adopt new habits — ones that can improve your health, your work and enrich your life as a whole. But we are creatures of habit and sometimes this can make even the slightest lifestyle change difficult (trust us, we get it). Turns out, there are some simple tips that can help keep you on track.

Keep reading for Stephanie Gee's tips for building new habits — & making them stick.

1. Make a small list of reasons why you want to implement the habit. This list is just for you so be honest and be truthful. When we understand the why, it already becomes easier. Purpose is what drives us.

2. Force it if you need to (just in the beginning). It’s not going to be easy and for a week or two, you will need to force yourself into this new habit (i.e. waking up earlier in the morning, or going to bed earlier). It may be challenging, and you could face some inner resistance, so always come back to your why. Your why is your driver.



3. Reflect. Before you close your eyes before bed, ask yourself: “is this new habit making my day more positive? Is this new habit helping me? Is this new habit achievable?". Your new habit should bring you pleasure or a feeling of accomplishment. If it’s not, come back to your why. Perhaps you’ve set an unrealistic target and need to re-write the game plan. No problem – change it up and try again.

4. Set yourself up for success. For example, on the mornings I plan to do an early workout, I lay out my workout outfit down to my underwear the night before. I set up my coffee cup, my glass of water and my workout mat so when I wake up, I just follow the steps I’ve set up for myself. Preparation makes habit forming easier and longer lasting.



5. Shift your mindset from ‘I have to do this’ to ‘I want to do this’. When you have to do something, you will quickly feel resentful or find excuses not to do it. When you want to do something, you make space for it in your calendar, you look forward to it and you inspire others to try it too. Positivity feeds growth!

Check out some of our favourite wellness habits and feel good routines here to help get you started. 

We hope these tips act as a guide. It's important to remember that lasting changes are made by small actions. We are all in this together and we are all trying our best. Everything is a learning process so be sure to show yourself love and kindness always. 


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