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Hair 3 years ago

Stephanie Gee's Tips for Healthy Hair

I'm here to celebrate a small transformation - my hair!

I have always had a good base when it comes to my hair, but since 2020, I've really taken my hair and scalp health more seriously.

I have taken the opportunity to lean into a more natural look and have seen such a positive change in my hair. less heat, more brushing, quality products and plant-based nutrition have all attributed to a healthier and happier head of hair. Keep reading for my 5 best practices that have transformed my hair! 

1. Scalp Health

Healthy hair starts at the scalp. Did you know there is no difference between the skin on our face and the skin on our scalp? Interestingly, we take such good care of our face but we neglect the skin of the scalp. Just like our face, our scalp needs to be exfoliated, hydrated and protected.

I use the a Scalp Scrub twice a week and Dr. Barbara Sturm's Scalp Serum daily. The scrub cleanses the hair and scalp of product buildup, dirt, and oil, leaving both clean and refreshed. The cleansing scent-rosemary, geranium, orange, and peppermint-lingers subtly in hair (and smells amazing as you wash)! Scalp Serum is an anti-inflammatory serum to hydrate and nourish the skin without leaving a greasy or heavy residue. It dries instantly into the hair, so you can use it on dry or damp hair. After I apply this serum, I give my scalp a little massage for extra TLC.

2. Brush Daily

I learned so much from my Instagram LIVE with Dianna Cohen, founder of Crown Affair (one of my favorite hair brands!). One of the recommendations Dianna made was to start brushing my hair every night before bed with the Crown Affair No. 001 Brush. I started the ritual that night and haven't looked back since. The Crown Affair brush brings natural oils from root to tip, making our hair strands more nourished and protected. It also feels amazing. I immediately noticed growth from brushing my hair daily! Watch the Instagram live here.

3. Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase 

Not only does it feel so luxurious on the skin, a silk pillowcase will protect your hair fibres for less breakage. The silk is also excellent for our skin to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Healthy Hair Starts Inside

Introducing supplements to help achieve your hair goals was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I can't stop talking about Wellbel and for good reason. It was founded and formulated by Dr. Dan, a Harvard graduate cardiologist, who created the product by request of his sisters. Wellbel is formulated with the right amount of Biotin for the body to absorb and utilize (preventing breakouts) and other anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Saw Palmetto and MSM. I always recommend taking pictures of your hair before starting Wellbel, and then again at the 3 month and 6 month mark to see your progress. I have been taking 3 Wellbel supplements a day for years now and have never looked back!

I am a huge fan of Dr. Will Cole and his teachings of plant based medicine via foods and the power of reducing inflammation so I knew that this formulation was in line with my goals. Agent Nateur Holi(Mane)is a tasteless, odorless marine collagen and pearl powder formulation to strengthen and hydrate the hair, skin and nails. I describe HoliMane as Hyaluronic Acid for my hair. I whisk it into my coffee every morning and love the added froth it gives. I recommend Holimane to everyone! 

5. See The Experts

Everything I have mentioned is based off my personal experience. I always recommend seeing the experts to cut, color and treat your hair, the same way I recommend seeing our experts for your skin, brows and makeup. There are also incredible advancements in treatments such as PRP for the scalp to promote hair growth

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