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Food 1 months ago

Sunday Groceries: Gee Edition

Sunday is grocery day for us!


Miriam Gee:

I've always loved to cook but in the summer I get extra excited to grocery shop and cook. I get inspired by the freshness of the season and I love using fresh herbs in everything I can. I even grow herbs like parsley, mint, dill and more on my porch. Using the fresh herbs from my mini garden gives me so much joy.

A few staples always on my grocery list are blueberries, cottage cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes and eggs. I cook lots of fish and I love roasting a whole chicken. One pan dinners are my specialty and I'll cook chicken, vegetables and potatoes all at once. It makes mealtime so easy and the leftovers are always incredible.

Tip - To keep your herbs fresh, place them in a glass of water in the fridge, they'll last so much longer.” - Miriam Gee
Natalie Gee:

With young kids, it's so crucial to be organized when I'm shopping. Because we have such a tight family schedule, I do my grocery shopping strategically and pick up certain things through the week. It's all planned out!

The kids love fresh fruit like strawberries, grapes and bananas but come summer they go crazy for ice cream sandwiches! Since Celene and I both live in Miami, we often pick up things for each other at our favorite local shops. Miriam is often visiting in Miami so I'm usually picking up things I know she likes in the house like mandarins.

I'm currently in my homeware era and I've been really into elevating and upgrading the kitchenware in our house. I've been loving the gorgeous 6 on Third items at 6 by Gee Beauty, specifically the new arrivals from Maison Balzac - so chic and fun!

Tip - Struggling with a picky eater? Get them involved with the process. Take them grocery shopping and get them interested in where food comes from and then make something together. Once they get excited about eating what they make, they'll love the ritual and connection!” - Natalie Gee
Celene Gee:

It's well know about me that I love to cook and if you ever can't find me, check the kitchen first! I find such enjoyment when I'm creating in the kitchen, even if it's a quick meal between meetings.

I always have fun at the grocery store too, I really enjoy the process of selecting my food, looking at ingredients and finding the best quality. I'm always stocking up on healthy snacks, dates for a sweet treat, bananas for pancakes, as well as lemons, limes and cilantro for the crudo and grilled fish we make.

Something lesser known about me is that I'm currently in my condiment queen era. I love trying different sauces, marinades and condiments. My most recent discovery is the Primal Kitchen Spicy Mayo. I love that it's made with good-for-you ingredients and the taste is so so so incredible.

Tip - While I don't have a big sweet tooth, sometimes the cravings are real. I love dipping dates in dark chocolate and sprinkling with sea salt. It's the perfect satisfying treat.” - Celene Gee
Steph Gee:

My sunday routine basically revolves around grocery shopping and meal prep. I never sacrifice this time because I know how it sets me up for success through my week and having food already prepped in the fridge is how I honor myself and my goals.

My grocery list is very protein focused: salmon, eggs, and Greek yogurt are a few staples. We've been investing in good quality meat and really getting into grilling this season. Anytime we can get the BBQ going, sit outside, enjoy our backyard, and host friends, we take advantage. There's something about veggies, chicken, and hamburgers that just taste better after being grilled. I also always make room for a treat like some dark chocolate or Siete chips!

Tip - Invest in a some glass tupperware. It keeps your produce so fresh and crispy and it also gives it a longer life span. I highly suggest it!” - Steph Gee
Here's to our Sunday grocery shop!
xx The Gees


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