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Skincare 4 years ago

The Winter Wardrobe: Skin Edition

Winter weather dressing for your skin is like winter weather dressing for your body: it's all about adding layers.

Just like you layer a sweater over your T-shirt and finish with a coat, the colder months bring on an added cream over a serum, then an oil. Protect your skin against the temperature drop (cold weather, dry indoor heating, travel + environmental stress) and prevent dry, red and aggravated skin.

The Hot + Cold games end now. Let's get a winter glow.


For an oily skin-type in colder months, try a Hyaluronic serum layered under an oil-free face cream, plus a few drops of a light oil to help nourish + replenish. If your skin is feeling tight, dry or flaky but you are still experiencing breakouts, avoid the oil in the areas you break out. TIP: avoid more active cleansers when your skin is feeling dry, and try a more balancing or lightweight gel-based cleanser. It will still help control excess oil production, but won't be as stripping.

For a dry skin type, start with a nourishing serum, layer a rich face cream + finish with a full oil. TIP: switch to a cream-based cleanser to help maintain a strong skin barrier.


Taking care of the skin on the body, lips and hands is key during the colder months. Adding a nourishing body oil to your bath or just out of the shower will help keep the skin soft and smooth. Layer a body cream on top before bed. Keep a lip balm and hand cream beside the bed, at the desk, and in your everyday bag.


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