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What's In Natalie Gee's Bag

"I consider what goes into my everyday bag as my essentials to set me up for success and good self-care."

I'm spilling the contents of my bag! Keep reading for everything I carry around for a glow that will last all day. 

Aside from the basics like my phone, wallet, sunglasses, keys and a mask, I always make sure I have water or something to hydrate and fuel with like my mason jar with my Super Elixir Greens with tons of ice, any supplements I may be taking that day, and a healthy snack like coconut yogurt or a greens salad.

My Gee Beauty Smoothing Lip Balm is like a saviour under my mask because it's not sticky but so nourishing. I also love my Cocobeam Highlight Stick I do multi-purpose touch-ups with: on my brow bone, my eyelids, my cheekbones and a touch on top of my lip balm.

You can also count on me having countless snacks on hand for the kids. We love walnuts and berries. The kids also love Vegan Rob's Cauliflower Puffs, and Enjoy Life Cookies, and at the moment mandarins (yay! Anytime they enjoy fruits and veggies is a win).

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