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What's In Stephanie Gee's Bag

"I'm always switching from big to small bags, depending on the outfit, but there a few things I cannot leave home without. Let me show you what's in my bag!"

I'm spilling the contents of my bag! Keep reading to learn which 5 things I won't leave the house without.


Fun fact about me: I wore a hot pink lipstick everyday at summer camp when I was 16. My campers called me 'Pinky'. I even went on a 15-day canoe trip with my pink lipstick (crazy I know!). I can't explain it other than, I feel like me in lipstick. Whether I'm going out on a long walk, or to a full day of work, I usually have 2 lipsticks and a lipliner with me. My ultimate combo is A Gee Thing lipstick with S'more lipliner.


I love being prepared and to me that means having a snack in my bag just in case! It's either veggies sticks, a wedge of laughing cow cheese or some nuts to satiate me.

Hand Sanitizer

I am in love with the Dom Hand Sanitizer, in the lavender scent. It moisturizes my skin and smells incredible.

Sunglasses And A Pair Of Hoop Earrings

You can always find my Illesteva sunglasses and Luv AJ Mini Donut Hoops in my bag to elevate an athleisure look.

Labdanum 18 Liquid Balm

This travel size fragrance balm is the perfect thing while I'm on the go. I roll it on my wrists, behind my ears or on my chest to freshen up. It's a warm scent made with Vanilla and Cinnamon, but it's not too sweet. It's become my signature. 

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