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Hyigene 4 months ago

When In Doubt, Throw It Out

A new season is a perfect opportunity to edit, organize + clean your beauty vanity.

We're answering everything you need to know about the shelf-life of your favorite makeup + skincare!

When in doubt - replace it! The fresher the product, the smoother the application, the more vibrant the color and the longer the product will last on your skin. Read on to learn when to replace your makeup and skincare products for optimal application everytime!

When to keep? When to toss?


Mascara: 3 - 6 months

Liquid Eyeliner: 6 months

Gel Eyeliner: 6-12 for gel months - keep the lid on these! 

Prime Skin: 16 months

Powders (blush, eyeshadow): 10 - 12 months 

Lipliners: 12 months 

Lipsticks: 6 months 

Cream + Liquid products (concealer, foundation): 16 months 

A helpful tip to remember when you open a product is to write the month and year you opened the product on a label with a sharpie.” - Natalie Gee
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black felt tip liner

Cleansers: 12 months upon opening 

Lip Balms: 12 months upon opening 

Face Creams: 6 - 12 months upon opening - each brand is slightly different depending on the formulation

Eye Creams: 6 months upon opening 

Face Oils: 12 months upon opening 

Vitamin C: 6 months upon opening 

Retinols: 3 - 6 months upon opening 

Exfoliants:- 6 - 12 months upon opening 

If your skincare products have recently expired and you still have some product left, try applying the remaining face products to your body instead.” - Miriam Gee
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DO's and DON'Ts:

Do tightly close the lid/cap on all products.

Do keep a pencil sharpener available so you can sharpen the pencils.

Do leave your serums in closed, cool cabinets.

Do make sure the cap is clean and no product is built up.

Don't leave things open.

Don't leave any products in direct sunlight.


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