Case Study 003: Medi-Beauty Skin Analysis & Treatment


"With compassion, care and commitment, I have been performing treatments on Ghinel’s skin over the course of 4 years."

- Leda Cerkozi, Senior Medical Aesthetician


In our third case study on The Gee Edit Blog, Leda Cerkozi, Senior Medical Aesthetician presents the incredible results after customized treatments for client, Ghinel. Leda has over 15 years experience as professional skin expert in the medical beauty world, and has driven incredible skin results at Gee Beauty’s Medi-Beauty Department. Along with her passion to make you feel absolutely gorgeous, she’s always looking for new ways to improve your experience to best support your skincare goals using innovative technology and customized techniques. 


For your best skin results, we always begin with a complimentary one-on-one consultation. Our skin experts will get to know you & assess your unique skin, so that we can then create a targeted & customized plan for professional treatments, coupled with an at-home skincare regimen. Your plan will always be created only for you, based on our expertise and understanding of your unique skin. 


 Leda uses advanced technologies like the Visia photo-imaging machine to examine your skin beneath the surface, and target areas for improvement with IPL and LED light therapy technologies. A custom skincare regimen was created for Ghinel for at-home use, featuring pharmaceutical-grade, high performance skincare. 



Client Concern: Breakouts, hyperpigmentation, melasma and visible signs of aging.

Name Of Treatments: Medi-Multi Express facials, Medi-Multi Hydra facials, Blue Light therapy and IPL sessions. Each treatment was customized and planned to target different concerns throughout the course of the time.  

Number Of Treatments: "We started by doing a series of Medi Multi Express facials every month and alternating with Blue Light Therapy and IPL sessions. We have been doing The Medi-Multi Hydra facial every 4 weeks to maintain and enhance the results." - Leda Cerkozi 

Notes: Following IPL treatments, it is important to continue protecting your skin from the sun. We recommend a vitamin C formulation like Dr. Sebagh Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream and SPF during the daytime to continue to protect the skin.

Client Notes:  During the course of Ghinel's treatments, Leda provides a customized skincare regminen to support Ghinel's skin for weekly at-home treatment. Aiming for weekly exfoliation to promote new cell turnover and reduce pigmentation. 



The Enzyme Cleanser removes dry or rough skin & reduces excess oil on the skin. This leaves the skin more able to absorb any active ingredients subsequently applied & lends it a fresh, radiant & refined appearance.


Daily At-Home Skin Regimen:  





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Posted by Jocelynn Hartleib