Gee Beauty Marks

Gee Beauty Marks

We’re giving you more gorgeous with our Rewards Program - Gee Beauty Marks! It’s more beauty, with more benefits, by earning point (Marks) on every purchase you make with us - because really, we’re all about YOU!


  • You are automatically enrolled when you make a purchase at Gee Beauty Toronto. (Ask us to ensure you have a customer profile)
  • Earn 1 point (Mark) for every 1 dollar spent on any Gee Beauty Toronto service or product
  • Points (Marks are redeemable on select services only & we’ve selected our most popular services to make redemption easy. Services include: The Gee Beauty Brow, The Ultimate Oxygen, Dr. Who?, Secrets from The Chair & The Paparazzi. See below for full list of redeemable services and the Marks needed to redeem them.
  • The more you spend, the more you get back in redeemable services!
  • You can start redeeming as soon as you’ve spent $400
  • You can see your points balance at the bottom of each receipt


  1. The Gee Beauty Marks loyalty program ( “Gee Beauty Marks”) allows Gee Beauty Inc.'s (“Gee Beauty”) customers to accumulate points, based on purchases made at Gee Beauty's Toronto store located at 2 Roxborough Street West, Toronto, Ontario (“Gee Beauty Toronto”).
  2. All Gee Beauty Toronto customers will automatically be enrolled in Gee Beauty Marks.
  3. Customers will be awarded one (1) point for every dollar ($1) spent on a Gee Beauty Toronto product or service.
  4. Points will be credited to a customer's account immediately at the time of the corresponding transaction. The amount of the points earned during such transaction will be added to the customer's account balance and reflected on his or her receipt for that transaction.
  5. Points earned on a transaction that correspond to a subsequent refund will be deducted from the customer's account in an amount equal to the points earned for the original transaction.
  6. Points may only be redeemed for the following services: Gee Beauty Brow, Paparazzi, Secrets From the Chair, Ultimate Oxygen facial, Dr. Who? facial, and the Medi Multi Express.
  7. Points will not be awarded for any previously purchased products or services; and may not be retroactively applied towards the redemption of any previously purchased services.
  8. To redeem points, customers must have accumulated sufficient points required for the service of their choice prior to the redemption transaction. The points levels are:

    Gee Beauty Brow 600
    Paparazzi 1500
    Secrets From the Chair 2700
    The Naturally Gorgeous Facial 3500
    Medi Multi Express 5900
    Medi Multi Supreme 10,000
  9. Following the redemption of points, customers' accounts will be reduced by the specified number of points required for the reward redeemed.
  10. The points accumulated by a customer cannot be transferred to any other customer or exchanged for cash. Points will not be awarded on any dollars spent at 6 By Gee Beauty and points will not be eligible for redemption at 6 by Gee Beauty. As well, points are not transferable between Gee Beauty Toronto and Gee Beauty Bal Harbour.
  11. Gee Beauty reserves the right to delete accumulated points from customers accounts after an inactive period of 18 months.
  12. Gee Beauty reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of Gee Beauty Marks and/or suspend or terminate Gee Beauty Marks, at any time. In the event of such modification, suspension and/or termination, Gee Beauty will notify customers via email (if an email address has been provided), as well as communicate this on our website. In which event, customers will be given a period of 30 days to use up their Gee Beauty Marks, and upon the expiry of the such 30-day-period, any unused points will be forfeited and invalidated. Customers will not receive any compensation from Gee Beauty in the event of modification, suspension and/or termination of Gee Beauty Marks.
  13. Customers who require Gee Beauty to delete the customer's data from Gee Beauty's database will forthwith lose any and all points accumulated by the customer.
  14. Gee Beauty shall not be liable for any system malfunction, system failure or disruption in access to Gee Beauty Marks, or any consequences, direct or indirect, arising from the same.
  15. Gee Beauty may in its sole discretion revise these Terms & Conditions at any time by amending this page. Customers are therefore advised to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes Gee Beauty has made. Customers understand and agree that any use of Gee Beauty Marks after the date on which the Terms & Conditions have changed are subject to the amended Terms & Conditions.

This document is dated November 24, 2014.