Gee Grooming

Darling, we love your strength of character and rugged nature. But even Clint Eastwood (in that Western you love so much), enjoyed a cut and buff after he shot half the townsfolk. So there's no reason why you should be left to fend for yourself. There will be plenty of time to save the world, so let it go.

Cool Hand Luke $28

“Now what we have here... is a failure to communicate.” There are 2 reasons why Paul Newman rocked that role. First, he’s Paul friggin’ Newman. 2 - he’s got killer eyes. Not a unibrow... Not pencil lines...
But manly eyes. Eyes that say everything. Cleanly shaped brows & a piercing stare. You get the picture. Think of this as your ‘break-out’ role.
Time: 20 min.

The Sean Connery $165

The Sean Connery is a 60-minute male treatment designed to revive your skin, break down blackheads and soothe razor burn and in-grown hairs, and tame any “monobrow.” Complete with a soothing mask to calm any specific skin concerns. Save the world, but look damn good doing it. (Best when freshly shaved).
Time: 60 min.

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