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Stephanie Gee

Stephanie Gee


As director of Gee Beauty in Toronto, Stephanie has her savvy, creative and energetic eye on the studio, engaging the clients and leading the Gee store team with her passion and enthusiasm for beauty.

Stephanie’s extensive knowledge of the beauty world, skincare, ingredients, innovative industry technologies, coupled with her admirable entrepreneurial spirit allows her to effectively create custom skin, makeup and beauty solutions for each client. Designing a distinct brand experience via in-store, online and social channels is something she does on a daily basis in order to further enhance the client experience.

As the youngest Gee, her enthusiasm and energy makes her the perfect modern, socially-connected Gee Beauty ambassador.

Rounding out her passion for health and wellness, Stephanie loves to experiment with green-based ingredients in the kitchen, maintains an active, outdoor lifestyle and loves to explore new finds Toronto with her puppy Joey in tow.

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A Little One-On-One With Stephanie

What is your skin like?

Oily and combination.

What is your skin goal?

I’d love wear tinted moisturizer as my only form of coverage! Tight pores, even skin tone, prevention, and reduce oil production but maintain youthful glow!

What is your favorite service at gee?

The Medi Multi Express hands down. It’s the works in only 1hr 15mins. If I had it my way, I would get Micro done once a week. I love the balance of gently buffing the dead skin but also promoting cell turnover and how fresh it makes my skin look and feel. I also like to do Skin Rejuvenation with IPL for pore reduction on my nose, chin and cheeks. The IPL has helped my skin tremendously - blackheads have always been my challenge but the IPL has been amazing to reduce the size of my pores and control my oil production!

What is your favorite makeup product?

Obviously I can’t just name one but if I really had to live on a deserted island, I couldn’t go without our Afterglow Cream Blush. It’s the perfect sun-kissed colour that I use on my cheeks and a dab on my lips. I’m also obsessed with my Soft Taupe brow pencil, Medium bronzer & Lush Black Mascara.

What 3 products make the biggest difference with your skin?

Phloretin CF is definitely my “can’t live without” product. For me, because I am naturally so fair in skin tone, it is the most preventative measure to keep my skin protected from sun damage. Good Genes by Sunday Riley completely changed my life. The lactic acid has been the most transformative ingredient to brighten my skin, shrink my pores, and give a natural plump! I can handle a lot of exfoliation because of my combination skin so I use this product almost every night. Before makeup I mix it in with the Ceramic Slip cleanser as a mask for 10 minutes and my skin is seriously on point! I also have come to love eye cream so much. From everything I have learned about beauty and skincare, I really understand that sun protection & eye cream are the most preventative measures for aging. I love Goldfaden MD’s Bright Eyes for AM + PM all over my eyes. It’s perfectly light and really brightens my eyes.

Other than products, what else makes you feel beautiful?

I am very grateful to have grown up in an environment where health & exercise were so positively encouraged. I truly love working out for the mental release and personal challenge to push myself. I get inspired by all the fitness accounts on Instagram and try to always incorporate new things into each workout.

I have also learned so much about the importance of eating greens through a health & wellness guru named Kimberly Snyder (her book the Beauty Detox Solution seriously changed the game for me). I make a smoothie of kale, spinach, green apple, banana, lemon, water & 2 teaspoons of Elle MacPhearson’s Super Elixir to enhance the nutrients in the greens. This whole ritual makes me feel more beautiful because I know I am taking care of my body and giving it what it needs to be clean, energetic and most importantly, healthy.

I love traveling to New York. The hustle of the people in the city gives me the perfect push to test my limits and work hard for what I love. I actually find it rejuvenating! I’m so inspired by the street style there, which always refreshes me to be more creative and playful in my clothes and to be unique.

I’m also incredibly lucky to work and interact with such driven, motivated and encouraging people. The communication I have with our team and clients on a daily basis makes me radiate with the best vibes that I am always trying to put back out in the universe. Oh, and when my brows get threaded. The feeling of a fresh, full brow, there’s simply nothing like it!

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