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24K Pure Gold Dust use in the AM use in the PM

$135.00 CAD

rejuvenates . Smoothes . tightens .


24K Pure Gold Dust is specially formulated powdered cosmetic grade gold leaf (processed to a thinness of 0.0001 mm) that, when added to moisturizer, visibly improves the skin’s appearance by tightening and smoothing wrinkles, improving localized blood circulation and metabolism and giving the skin a natural glow. Naturally extra soft and fragile, the powdered composition adds a rich sense of luxury and value to any cream’s composition.

How-to Use

Combine with your moisturizer using the tool provided.

Pairs Well With


Pure 24k gold
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Combine with your moisturizer using the tool provided.

Key Facts

Cosmetic Grade Gold Leaf
Add To Moisturizer
Natural Glow

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