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SUPER ELIXIR Lemon & Ginger 300g Refill Pack

The Super Elixir™ powder contains a balanced blend of 45 key ingredients including bio-available alkalizing greens, Chinese herbs, digestive enzymes and members of the maitake mushroom family. Carefully combined in calculated ratios by one of the world's leading nutritional experts and disease prevention specialists for Elle Macpherson, this product is designed to boost your nutritional profile and keep your body within a desired alkaline range. Premium ingredients in The Super Elixir™ are treated gently so the nutrients remain intact and useful to the body. This all-natural whole food elixir is designed to support your healthy nutrition at a cellular level and optimize the functioning of all 11 systems of the human body; the digestive, endocrine (hormonal), integumentary (hair, skin and nails), circulatory and nervous system. It is important ingredients are not overly processed or dried at high temperatures which can kill the nutrients. Unlike synthetic vitamins that are often simply passed through the body, bio-live cold pressed whole-food ingredients are recognizable and useful to the body and in powdered form are designed for better absorption of nutrients.

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