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Toronto Injectables By R.N Services


Gee Beauty offers time-sensitive, high-tech + result-driven beauty treatments that can be customized to your skin type, available time, and desired results.

Injectables By R.N

Consultation With R.N

15 Minutes


30 Minutes
$13 per unit


45 min Minutes
beginning at $400

Jaw + Chin Filler

45 Minutes

PRP + Microneedling

Platelet rich plasma, also known as "PRP" is an injection treatment whereby a person's own blood is used. Approximately 12 mls of blood is drawn from the individual patient into a syringe. The blood is spun in a special centrifuge to separate its components (red blood cells, platelet rich plasma, platelet poor plasma and Buffy coat). Platelets are very small cells in your blood that are involved in the clotting and healing process. When PRP is injected into the damaged area it causes a mild inflammation that triggers the healing cascade. As the platelets organize in the treatment area they release a number of enzymes to promote healing and tissue responses including attracting stem cells and growth factors to repair the damaged area. As a result new collagen begins to develop. As the collagen matures it begins to shrink causing the tightening and strengthening of the damaged area.

90 Minutes
$850 + $100 for add on areas

PRP For Scalp

It is recommended to do 3-5 treatments 1 month apart in order to see results. PRP for the scalp has the following benefits:
-Increases blood supply to the hair follicle

-Increases shaft size (thickness)

-Triggers and maintains growth phase

-Controls hair growth cycle

-Decreases hair loss

60 min Minutes

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