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Gee Women 1 months ago

Celene Gee: A Day In My Life

Join me for a day in the life as a beauty entrepreneur and creative director living in Miami.

While no two days are the same (it's what I love most about my job), this is generally the flow of an early-in-the-week day. As an entrepreneur in a family beauty business, it's really all about the flow of my work, my passion, family time, my down-time, travel, self-care and health and wellness all together as a lifestyle.

Balance for me is really when everything flows together and to understand that at different times of the week, month, year there are different priorities and schedules, and to embrace this flow.


Wake up, hydrate my skin with the Joanna Czech Toner and apply under-eye patches (these make a huge difference for me so I use them daily). I dry brush with the Dela Heart Copper Dry Brush, put on my workout clothes, make the bed and drink a greens powder mixed into my water.


Coffee + an at-home workout (either the treadmill, the Rachel Fitness app, or some pilates). A few days a week I've also been doing Nofar Method Pilates, I love to mix it up.


Skincare, hair and makeup to get ready for work. I check in with texts and emails and look at my schedule for the day.


My week is structured that usually at the start of the week is meetings-focused, planning and evaluating, so that later in the week can be more creative, and time to be in the studio.” - Celene

I check in with Miriam, Natalie and Stephanie - depending on who is available and what lies ahead in the day. We talk about certain work projects and touch on family things too, like plans for the evening, and just a general check in.


At our office I spend about an hour checking in with our creative + marketing team, diving into emails and preparing for the day’s meetings.

11am – 3pm

In meetings with our various teams – some in person and some on google meets. We discuss everything from creative + marketing, brainstorming new ideas, review status reports, to product development, retailer support, e-commerce + operations, finance, and Gee studios support.

I usually eat my lunch at my desk in between meetings. Once I’m working and thinking I don’t like to break the flow, so I prefer when everything is stacked together so that my early mornings and early evenings have more flexibility.

3 – 5pm

Wrap-up anything pressing for the day, pop into the Miami studio, touch base with my partners again, get some fresh air and take a call while I walk.


I either pick up some fresh groceries to cook dinner, or hang out with my nephews and niece.


If I haven’t exercised yet, I’ll aim to get on the treadmill or walk outside for about 40 mins and either listen to a podcast like Vitamin G, or watch a show or talk to my family.


Cook dinner at home with my boyfriend Luka. We love to cook together and usually roast fish or make crudo, lots of veggies and salad or roast chicken.

After dinner I meal prep and organize my food for the next day so its all ready and grab and go out of the fridge the next morning.

Sometimes we’ll watch a show while we cook – we both love Jeopardy! Or a basketball game will be on. I save my guilty-pleasure shows for the treadmill so I can be productive while I watch like Real Housewives.

Celene Cuisine: Roasted White Fish


I think about my day the next day and prep anything necessary, whether its laying out an outfit for an event, or change of clothes for a workout etc… Then I start my unwind for bed. I love to take a nightly bath and it really helps signal my body to shift gears. I love to fill my bath with oil, salts, - the works!


Next its onto my skincare and body routine. I try to spend some extra time massaging my serums and creams into my face and body to really maximize their ingredients’ penetration and to stimulate my skin.


I always strive to be in bed early-ish. I’m a reformed night-owl, so I can always end up lingering around, taking my time and procrastinating from my bedtime routine. It’s been better lately, because I’m really trying to get good solid sleep. I do need a lot of sleep! I might read a little – I’m currently reading Fast Like A Girl by Dr. Mindy Peltz, or I’ll elevate my legs up the wall and use my Dela Heart Body Tool. I also love to keep my salt lamp on during my wind-down, it really helps to calm my mind and body down and get into sleep mode.


Lights out!

xx Celene Gee


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