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Wellness 3 years ago

How To Find Wellness Through the Holiday Season

Our Top Tips For Beauty & Wellness From Within

With the holiday season in full swing, we're celebrating with loved ones, indulging, saying yes to invitations, feeling festive and getting glamorous for holiday parties.

During this fun and full time of year, a more well-balanced lifestyle can often run away from us, so we're reminding ourselves of our favorite and most effective wellness practices and top tips for keeping some balance.

For us, wellness or taking a moment for self-care really means checking in to see how we're feeling on the inside, and spending an extra moment with a ritual we feel good about (drinking warm water with lemon, a yoga class, dry brushing our skin or going to sleep a little earlier.) 

How to balance and prepare for the holiday season

  • aim to drink 2-3 litres of water a day starting first thing in the morning, - if drinking cocktails, balance the intake with an extra glass of water

  • try to maintain a consistent routine of staying active and working up a sweat to help circulation and glow

  • only say yes to events & invitations you have the time and energy for and that will bring you joy

  • keep your Jade Roller or Gua Sha tool in the fridge for added skin energizing and glow

  • try a supplement to help fight inflammation in the body which can be triggered from over-indulgences and less time for self-care.

For Digestion: 

Consider looking at the menu prior to your event so you can go in with a clear and mapped out plan on the healthiest choice to order. We are advocates of balance and moderation, however, we also know bloating is never fun durning the holiday season. Opt for dark leafy greens, salmon, beets, foods with ginger and turmeric, peppermint, fermented and probiotic rich foods like kimchi and sauerkraut. 

Amylase Enzyme: An Essential Digestive Component

Amylase helps to digest fats and protein and is essential to breaking down carbohydrates. One of the many hero ingredients found in Good Goddess Belly Behave Probiotics & Enzymes. A vegan supplement with fruit-based enzymes help break down fats, carbohydrates and proteins to promote healthy digestion.

Alkalize the body with Welleco Super Elixir

A green powder containing a balanced blend of 45 key ingredients including alkalizing greens, Chinese herbs, digestive enzymes. The Super Elixir all-natural whole food elixir is designed to support your healthy nutrition at a cellular level and optimize the functioning of all 11 systems of the human body; the digestive, endocrine (hormonal), integumentary (hair, skin and nails), circulatory and nervous system.

For Detoxification:

We know that with holiday parties and events, comes an increased intake of cocktails. We recommend choosing your beverages wisely. A few tips to do so would be opting for beverages with limited amount of refined sugars. If drinking cocktails, balance the intake with an extra glass of water.

Wellness Tip: If consuming alcohol, opt for a liquor & soda water with some mulled mint and lime, in substitute of a 'holiday-infused cocktail' with plenty of added sugars.


Pure Chlorella: Natures Best Detoxifier

The Herbalore Catalyst Gold supplement is filled with ingredients to help detoxify the heaviest metals, supports immune health, and is know to help reduce stress (just in time for the holiday season.) Additionally, Acai Berry Powder is loaded with antioxidants, crucial in supporting the bodies natural detoxification process. 


For Sleep:

A well-rested sleep is crucial when our bodies and mind are exposed to added stress surrounding the holiday season. We understand how challenging it is to keep your phone at an arm distance. Cell phone radiation is terrible for your mind and body, try giving yourself some healthy space for night time phone interaction. It is said that three meters (about 10 feet) is the safest minimum distance.



Valerian Extract: Natures "Valium"

It's true- Valerian Extract greatly improves relaxation and provides a more restful sleep. Two great options for adding Valerian Extract to your nightly routine could be orally taking this in a supplement form with the Dr Barbara Sturm Sleep Food. Alternatively, your body can absorb botanical extracts, including Valerian Extract found in the Goop G. NITE Bedtime Bath Soak.


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Health and wellness are always on our minds here at Gee Beauty, and we are constantly looking for ways to take that extra step to lead healthier lives. Please reach out to beautyconcierge@geebeauty.com for your beauty & wellness related questions! We are here for you.


Happy Holidays xx





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