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Makeup Tips 8 months ago

How To Make Your Eyes Look Luminous

It's all in the eyes.

Achieving fresh + luminous eyes is easier than you may think!

Today I'm sharing all of my top tips for luminous skin on the eyes. 

Lean into your tools:

If it’s stainless steel, then it’s a win for me. I love the durability of tools that won't break easily. Plus I won’t have to be too gentle with them. If you know me, then you know I'm an expert multi-tasker so likely I'm doing my gua sha routine while I brew my morning coffee.

For my weekend routine where I spend 30 minutes on my skin, I always reach for my trusted Joanna Czech Facial Massager tool and I use it with the Joanna Czech Face Mask. This combo gives my skin an incredibly calming massage and the movement along with contouring that the tool gives really allows my skin to instantly glow and look healthier.

All about the gua sha:

I love to take 1-2 drops of our Prime Skin Beauty Oil and do a quick gua sha routine. The stimulation from the gua sha really helps increase blood flow which decreases puffiness and stress. I've been using it every morning + night for 4 weeks and let me tell you — using a gua sha will truly make the biggest difference on your skin.

Under the eyes I'm very gentle but I push out all the stress + puffiness out and after a few passes you will see the increased bloodflow and glow.

Here's how I like to gua sha:

1. start with the long side of the tool and gently move bloodflow up and out toward the hairline. I like to complete one side before I move onto the other side.

2. Then I like to move onto my cheekbones. I move the tool along the hollows of my cheeks and then downwards on the neck toward the lymph nodes. You'll see bloodflow and stimulation - you want to see the skin turn a little pink, because it means everything is moving. It's so satisfying seeing how I can sculpt my cheek.

3. Now for the lower jawline. We tend to hold lots of tension and stress here so it's important to try to relieve that. It feels so soothing and relaxing.

4. For me, i love to open nasal passageways. Use the short end of the gua sha and rub alongside your nose. i cannot even describe how much easier and better i breathe when i do this. doing this first thing in the morning is so powerful and so transformative.

Natalie's Gua Sha Routine

Enhance your lashes:

Lash serums work to improve the strenth, length and health of your lashes. Longer lashes will also really help open up your eyes for a more awake and fresh appearance. Plus, just one coat of Multi Mascara will give you the lashes of your dreams.

Don't skip eye cream!

Eye cream is an absolute must. In an eye cream, I'm looking for weight, hydration, protection, and nourishment. Shop some of my favorites below!

Get the glow:

When it comes to makeup a trick I love for luminous undereyes, is to take Liquid Glow and mix it into Brightening Concealer. I take a drop of the Liquid Glow and mix with my concealer and really press it into my skin especially under the eyes. I also love this on the collarbone and shoulders for an all-over radiant glow.

Here's to luminous skin!
xx Natalie


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