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Style At Home 7 months ago

Inside Steph's Home Sweet Home

Our new home has been such a fun and meaningful project.

The space and design represents us as a couple. The vibe of our space is a mix of a Scandinavian meets Malibu in style.

More than the decor, it’s been so amazing to host our friends and family for BBQs and dinner parties. That’s what really makes the house feel like a home.

6 On Third

I’ve learned that the details in the decor can really make a house feel like a home. From butter dishes to vases, these touches make our space look so elevated. 6 on Third is the inspiration for house decor. If you're unfamiliar, 6 on Third is a collection of home goods from Michelle Levine's (of 6 by Gee Beauty) shop-able country home, located just 2 hours outside of Toronto. Michelle has also taught me so much about styling books - on consoles, shelves and on kitchen counters - which bring personality to a room.

If you’re looking for house inspo, you need to follow 6 on Third on Instagram.

My 6 on Third Picks

Create Ambiance 

I’m all about setting the tone for the space, depending on what I’m doing. When we host guests, we set the table beautifully and light tealight candles throughout the house. When it’s time to get cozy on the couch, I dim the lights and light our favorite candle, Santal 26. Before bed, I like to create a sense of zen in the bedroom by only using the sunset light from my Hatch alarm (the best alarm clock!)

I also believe that a clean home is a calm home so ensuring the house is clutter free is so important to me.” - Steph Gee
Take Your Time

Creating your home is not something that can be achieved in a weekend. Finessing the vibe, creating the energy and comfort isn't something to rush. My biggest piece of advice is to go room by room. Choose one room thats important and just start! Maybe you set up kitchen and coffee station and then the bedroom. Begin with the rooms that will help you feel the most settled in your new space. Rooms like the bathroom and others will fall into place. It will all come together so it's important to have patience.

Another way to start feeling settled is to create the vibe with different playlists and lots of candles to add a calmness to a space that might still be a work in progress.

Our Go-To Playlist

Have Fun!

At first I found styling our house very overwhelming. I thought every decision had to be the best decision and I was putting so much pressure on myself to make it look perfect within the first week of moving in. I’ve now learned to enjoy the process. I see designing the space as a creative project that I will always be working on, in a very exciting way. If you don’t know where to start, I’d recommend making a mood board and layer images of things that inspire you. Pinterest is the best place to get visual inspiration.

I can't wait to show you more as the space evolves!

Stay tuned!
xx Steph


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