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Lifestyle a year ago

Kids Takeover: Wedding Edition

There's nothing more special to me than time with my family.

Having the entire family in town for Steph's wedding last week was truly so wonderful.

This week on the #GeeEdit blog, I'm sharing how I went from Miriam Gee to "Bibi" to give my grandchildren Jesse, Jack, and Ari the trip of a lifetime here in Toronto.

Make Everything An Adventure!

With young children, it's crucial to try to make every errand or activity as exciting as possible. Even trips to the store were turned into adventures by making them a scavenger hunt. We went on lots of nature walks and involved them in all of the wedding festivities.

My grandchildren call me - “Bibi” because it's how they could pronounce Bubbie (which means grandmother in Yiddish) when they were very little. The family loved it so much that it stuck!” - Miriam Gee
Set The Tone:

With so much going with the wedding, the kids could have easily become overwhelmed. However, Steph set a very calm tone for the wedding and the kids picked up on it. Rachel and Natalie had been preparing the kids for the wedding way beforehand, picking out Jesse and Jack's matching suits and Ari's dress. They couldn't wait to get dressed, walk down the aisle, and of course, party!

We didn't put any extra pressure on the kids in terms of participation for the ceremony. We explained how it would go and we really let them choose how they wanted to participate.” - Natalie & Rachel Gee-Robinson
On the day of the wedding, we kept the kids happy by playing dance music and having their favorite shows on the TV. We all got ready together and it helped put them at ease.” - Miriam Gee

Steph's Day-Of Playlist

When In Doubt, Craft It Out

One of my go-to activities to do with my grandchildren is arts & crafts. I love anything that's creative and its become our thing to do together. I even have some of their masterpieces hanging on the walls in my office.

Gee-Robinson Essentials:
xx Bibi


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