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Gee Women 4 months ago

Miriam Gee: A Day In My Life

Let's spend the day together!

One of my most frequently asked questions is what a day in my life really looks like.

Today I'm giving you an inside look into a typical work day + what I do to stay organized.


wake up, drink water with lemon, say my morning prayers, and put on a hydrating skincare mask. I do some stretching and pilates 3x a week.


start Rachel Fitness on IG LIVE. I love the workout, and I love knowing my family is doing it with me - sometimes one of my grandchildren pop-on to say hi. Rachel is my daughter-in-law and I am so inspired by her energy and support. Rachel Fitness can be for anyone, I love it!

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get ready for work and text good morning messages to my family. I love to start the day with inspiring words and affirmations for all of us. It sets the tone. I also check my emails and review my schedule for the day.


I eat breakfast (two eggs or a protein smoothie) and leave the house.


I arrive at our office and I check in with our e-com team on client orders, operations and finance, and anything pressing that needs my attention first thing. Sometimes a client asks about a skincare regimen and how to take care of their skin, so I will spend some time supporting and writing out the steps or protocol for how they can get the best results with their products. I love to add my “Miriam Gee” touch on our e-com orders and our in-studio clients throughout the day.


I make a cup of supercharged coffee with the Tahini Goddess Inulin and The Absolute Collagen powder. I love it!


meetings with the team members to review various projects or departments. This could be with the studio team or service providers, or operations and reviewing product development, or financial meetings. I really touch on each and every department and know what’s happening on all fronts.

Organization keeps the noise and clutter out, and organization and calmness in.” - Miriam Gee

eat lunch at my desk and check in with my daughters, or watch family videos being sent through our group chat. 


Time for a makeup touch-up! I love a mid-day makeup touch-up - I always have. Usually it’s just my lips that I reapply. My makeup lasts me all day. My winning lip combo right now is Major lip define pencil, Bibi lipstick, and Stevie Nourishing Gloss.


I head to Gee Beauty studio to meet with clients or support the team. I love connecting with clients and being on the floor. It energizes me and keeps me on the pulse of hearing what people are looking for, and what their goals are.


I’m giving a Secrets From The Chair makeup lesson to a client. We review what she’s looking to achieve and create an everyday look that feels doable and fresh. It includes Prime Skin, our Brightening Concealer, our Color Stick in shade Blushbeam, Warm Glow Bronzer and our Multi-Mascara. And of course our new brushes.


I pop over to 6 By Gee Beauty, our shop next door which has the most gorgeous clothing, jewelry and freshly made Le Labo fragrances. I love the team at 6, and I can’t leave without shopping a little.


I head back to the office to check in with our finance team and finish up anything outstanding.


I head home and either walk on the treadmill for a bit or outside if its not too cold. 


I cook dinner and meal-prep for the next day. This is really when my prep for the following day begins. I make my meals, think about what my day entails and what I need to prepare for it. I plan my outfit (I’ve always done this and it’s such a creative and fun outlet for me!)

I love to dress well as a form of respect for my work and the team and clients around me.” - Miriam Gee

while dinner is cooking, I check in with my family and FaceTime my grandchildren to ask about their day. 


I start to unwind and set the tone for bedtime. This could be playing some relaxing music or my soothing rainfall app while I take a bath and do my skincare routine. I lay out my clothes and prepare my bag for the next day. I even lay out my workout wear and mat for Rachel Fitness the following morning.


I’m in bed and reading for a little bit.


it’s bedtime!

Thanks for following along!
xx Miriam


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