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Natalie Gee's Winter Skin

I'm just back from a family trip to Toronto, and let me tell you - the weather really shocked my skin!

I definitely have a re-ignited respect for everyone whose skin faces these freezing temperatures, strong winds, and the full effects of winter.

I absolutely re-learned, reminded and adjusted myself of the extra steps we need to take to treat our skin protectively and properly. Let's just say I was humbled!

What I Experienced:

Because I'm living in a warm and humid climate, I haven't been layering as much on my skin, so it was prepared or conditioned for the cold. Plus the flying and the mask wearing = I broke out. My skin was also extremely dry and tight feeling on both my face and body, and my lips became rough, dry and cracked a bit. This definitely changed the way my makeup sat on my skin too. 

How I Treated My Skin:

It's all about embracing and using what you have to layer and protect the skin. We can't really use only 1 product and expect transformative results. Layering is our best-friend and is the road to nourished and healthy looking skin, from head to toe. I'm talking hydrating cream cleansers, layering serums or light oils before reparative creams, lip scrubs and balms, dry brushing, body oils and creams. 

I'm breaking down all the details on my IGTV + sharing my top product recommendations to protect and treat your skin.
1. Chapped Lips = Gee Beauty Lip Scrub
2. Exfoliating Your Body = Dr. Barbara Sturm Body Brush
3. Hydrating Your Body = Tata Haper Revitalizing Body Oil 
4. Hydration Face Mask = Dr Sebagh Rose de Vie Mask + Dr Sebagh Rose de Vie Serum
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