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Gee Women 2 months ago

Steph Gee: A Day In My Life

Ready to spend the day together?

As an entrepreneur, no two days are really the same, however I strive to focus on my habits and rituals to create consistency in my everyday.

My days are incredibly busy but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love the mix I've created of personal and professional development, family time, connecting with our clients + working directly with the team. Here's a peek at what a typical day looks like!


I wake up between 6 and 6:30 and I take Ginger, our new puppy, outside and right away pour my AG1 greens. Then I try to put her back to bed so I can get in a Rachel Fitness workout or head to the gym to meet my trainer. If it's a wednesday, that's when new episodes of my podcast, Vitamin G come out so I'm posting stories and assets to promote the new episode.

Not only are Rachel's workouts amazing but the community she's built is so warm and welcoming.” - Steph Gee

When I'm done my workout, I have a cup of coffee that I supercharge with Agent Nateur Holi(Mane) and the Tahini Goddess Inulin and then it's time for prep my meals for the day. Meal prep is my breakfast, lunch and a snack and I also make some for my husband Julien. While meal prepping, I listen to the President's Daily Brief podcast that a friend told me about. It helps me stay on top of world events.

I cook all my food for the week on Sunday's. It's become something I look forward to every week!” - Steph Gee

Time for skincare, hair and makeup to get ready for work. I start by rinsing my face with freezing water then I follow with our Hydration X3 Mist, Joanna Czech C+ Serum, De La Heart Stainless Guasha (a must have!) and I layer that with The Outset Collagen Serum.

My everyday makeup essentials are Multi prime (back in stock soon!) Prime skin, Richbeam, Brightening concealer, loose powder, blushbeam, and multi mascara. I touch up my hair with my favorite T3 curling wand, and also add in the Crown Affair dry shampoo.

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On my way to work I usually call either of my sisters or Miriam to check in both personally and professionally. If it's a Monday or Wednesday then Ginger is with me. We're training her to be an office dog and so far so good!


Once I arrive at the office, I check in with our teams and prepare for any upcoming meetings.

11AM - 2PM

Once I'm at work, I'm either in the office or the studio. In the office I'm usually in a series of meetings ranging from marketing, finance, product development, HR, etc. If I'm in the studio I really focus on being super present and connecting with clients and supporting the team wherever I can.


I usually eat lunch between 1 and 2PM and I've worked hard to making that a dedicated time to sit and enjoy my lunch rather than eating quickly on the go. If Ginger is with me, I'm taking her out for little walks around Ramsden Park which is so beautiful this time of year! I love to pop by 6 by Gee Beauty just next door to the studio to say hi to the team and give myself an extra spritz of my Le Labo The Matcha.


The afternoon is usually more studio and client focused. Being in the studio is just the best energy. It's so buzzy with clients and the team and it's so much fun to educate and support our clients throughout their beauty journey. Typically while I'm in the studio I'll post an Ask Me Anything on my Instagram stories to further educate our clients about our products, skincare or makeup.

Connecting with people near and far is certainly one of my favorite parts about what I do.” - Steph Gee

I take Ginger straight to the dog park on our way home and then usually Julien and I will decide what's on the agenda for dinner and who wants to cook. Sometimes we'll meet our friends for an early dinner and plan to be home by 7:30 or 8PM.


After dinner we always make time to watch something together, either old episodes of The Office or a new movie that we've wanted to see. We always make time to spend together to connect and reflect on our days and just catch up. Now is also the time where I'll have a sweet treat. My current go-to are the Unreal chocolates that I get at Coco Market. They're amazing!


I head upstairs to do my evening skincare routine and I don't start that without lighting my santal 26 candle from 6. The scent signals to my mind that it's time to start winding down.

My evening skincare always starts with our melt away cleanser. It truly takes the whole day off. I also can't get into bed without applying our rose lip mask, my lips still feel moisturized in the mornings!

I love taking my time massaging my serums and creams into my face. It feels so calming and luxurious to give yourself those extra moments before bed.” - Steph Gee

I aim to be in bed by around 10 and I'll pick up a book I'm getting into. I've made the committment to read 5-10 pages every night and it's been such a transformative practice for me. I've been using the De La Heart Body Sculptor for lymphatic drainage on my lower body, especially if I've been on my feet a lot during the day.


Lights out and start all over again the next day!

Thanks for following along!
xx Steph


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