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Gee Women a year ago

Steph's Bridal Edit: The Final Countdown

The bridal countdown is on!

Today on the #GeeEdit, I'm sharing all of my final wedding prep.

From planning my makeup and hair to all the skin and body treatments I'm doing and everything in between, the final countdown is on!

Final Skin Prep:

As you've been seeing, I do frequent treatments with Francine, Gee Beauty Toronto's Associate Medi-Manager, and leading up to the wedding day (3 weeks away, OMG!), I'll be doing a treatment once a week. This past week, we did a Medi Multi Hydra to decongest my pores, next week we will do a light Age-Less facial to soften skin texture and the week of, we will do a light pass of IPL to brighten my skin paired with the Air Repair oxygen dome so my skin is balanced and hydrated. Since being on this skin treatment plan, my pores have completely transformed, my skin-tone is 100% brighter and my skin texture is so much smoother. 

Planning Makeup:

I'll be doing my own makeup for my wedding but I'll definitely have one of my sisters or my mum put a pair of lashes on me.

I'll definitely be leaning into the pinks: Teaberry Blush, Pinkybeam Color Stick, Shade #3 of the Soft Shimmer Eyes Palette and Babe Lipliner with A Gee Thing Lipstick on top. Because I'll be doing it myself, I'll apply my makeup in layers while continuously misting my skin with our Hydration X3 Mist so my skin is hydrated and plumped as I go. For eyeliner, I'll layer Adorn and Sienna for a soft smokey look. I will be doing a trial on myself and I promise to share sneak peaks of that! 

I want to be true to myself and do my usual makeup look, just amplified.” - Steph Gee
Wedding-Ready Hair:

The look I want for my hair is to be long, flowy and true to me, which of course means a little extra! I purchased beautiful clip in extensions and had a hair trial with Saina Sarafian at Medulla, to ensure everything fit perfectly. We had a hair consult, sent her a few images and together, we made magic happen. I highly recommend doing a hair trial, especially if you're particular like I am. I get my blonde touched up every 3 months by Luis Pacheco, founder of Medulla & Co and TO112, and did a baby touch up this week so my hair is settled and lived in just in time for the wedding. My clip ins match my hair perfectly and I'll wear them ins all throughout the weekend and beyond! 

Body Treatments/Workouts:

I've been continuing on my strength training sessions with my personal trainer 3x a week and have been religious about getting my 10k steps in. On days when I can get extra steps in, I aim to get 15k, which is an added bonus. I'm extra excited for a very special pre-wedding workout the Sunday before my wedding with Rachel! Rachel Fitness is popping up at Forest Hill Gym on Sunday June 17th for two classes and I secured my lucky spot for the 11:45am class. I can't wait!

Apart from preparing for the wedding, my fitness routines are essential for me to feel my best inside and out.” - Steph Gee

For body work, I've been going for weekly Brazilian Lymphatic massages at Casa Uma. It's an hour long treatment that includes a specific hand technique to drain the lymphatic system, sculpt natural curves and smooth the body. I love the results and highly recommend these in preparation for an event or trip. I see Natalia for my sessions and have even gotten Julien into them. The next day you feel lighter, smoother and much less bloated.

I've fallen back in love with spray tans and my best recommendation is Tan On The Run. It's a mobile service that takes 20 minutes all in and the result is absolutely gorgeous. I do a 4-hour express, dark tan that lasts me 7-9 days. What I love most is that there's no orange tint, no typical spray tan smell and it's all done in the privacy of your home. After 4 hours, you take a shower, wash off all the residue, and 24 hours later, the tan really comes to life. I've booked myself for 2 days before the wedding and I can't wait.

Use code 'STEPHGEE' for $10 off when you book with Tan On The Run, all across Canada.

Cheers to getting wedding-ready!
xx Steph


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