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Gee Women 5 months ago

This Is How We Do Quick Wins, Big Reward

Who doesn't love a quick win?

For us, it's all about those little (but big) accomplishments that add up for a big payoff.

Today on the Gee Edit, we're breaking down all of our easy life hacks that help us multi-task and keep us moving!

Meal Prep:

If you know us then you know how much we love meal prepping. Trust us, prepping your food either on weekends or in the evenings for the next day or week ahead can really help you get ahead and make smart, nutritious choices.

Need to get inspired? Make it a fun event! Romantacize the process and make it part of your self-care routine. Listen to a podcast at the grocery store, then come home and turn on an uplifting playlist and dance around your kitchen as you meal prep.

When I'm focused, I can get everything done in 90 minutes. It's become a fun habit I look forward to!” - Stephanie Gee

The Gee January Playlist

Book Your Beauty Treatments:

One of our most iconic beauty tips is to book yourself in for beauty treatments that offer longevity. Services like brow and lash lifts, tints, facials and laser hair removal. Not only does it make getting ready in the morning a breeze (no brow gel or lash curling needed!) but it truly enhances your natural beauty and features.

Book Your Next Service

Don't live near one of our studios? Shop our picks for low-maintence beauty!

Keep It Moving

Only have 30 minutes? That's all you need for a great workout thanks to Rachel Fitness! Not only are Rachel's workouts amazing but the community she's built is so warm and welcoming. Trust us, 30 minutes of Rachel's motivation + energy instantly recharges your mind and body!

I love being part of such a supportive community, with so many motivating and inspiring women and men.” - Miriam Gee
Supercharge Your Coffee

Get your supplements in by adding them into your morning cup of coffee. We love adding a scoop of Agent Nateur Holi(Mane) and The Tahini Goddess Inulin. Each have such amazing benefits and they are completely odorless and tasteless.

Every morning I look forward to my daily cup of coffee and supercharging it. It truly takes it to a whole new level of enjoyment and it's even become a ritual I do with my daughter. She loves to whisk it herself!” - Natalie Gee
Here's to getting ahead!
xx The Gee's


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