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Gee Women 8 months ago

What We're Excited For In The Month Ahead

A new season brings with it all sorts of new opportunities.

September for us signifies a fresh start with new inspirations, exciting launches, additions to our routines and so much more.

Today on the Gee Edit, each of us are sharing what we are excited about in September!

Miriam Gee:
September is going to be a major month at Gee Beauty. Our SKIN WEEK line-up this year features a new brand arrival, some incredible product launches including our newest primer in our Skin Prep range, plus at the end of the month we have a special appearance with the one-and-only Dr. Barbara Sturm in Toronto. Wow!” - Miriam Gee
Natalie Gee:
Fall is such a time to embrace new beginnings and when it comes to my makeup and wardrobe I know I will be adding some definitive Fall pieces. While Prime Skin will always be the foundation to my makeup routine, I cannot wait for our new lipstick shades to launch and a matte eyeshadow palette that feels so modern on the eyes. We also have a new product coming from our Skin Prep Range that has made my skin look so smooth! I just LOVE fall!” - Natalie Gee
Celene Gee:
September = the return of the Le Labo City Exclusive collection at 6 By Gee Beauty. We’ve been retailing the brand for over 10 years and each year I wait patiently for my new bottle of Tokyo’s Gaiac 10. It’s the most incredible light yet distinct scent. It’s my signature.” - Celene Gee
Stephanie Gee:
I can’t wait to bring out my fall wardrobe! I’m into baggy jeans, blazers, gold hoops and glowing skin. I love all the Jenny Bird + Jennifer Fisher pieces at 6 - they’re a fall must. I’m also going to play with more brown tones with my makeup. Major Lipliner, Bibi Lipstick, Teddy Love Eyeliner and Honeybeam on my cheeks. It all feels so fresh and exciting!” - Steph Gee

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