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Medium White Gua Sha Stone

Thismulti-purpose Gua Sha stone delivers many skin benefits, such as de-puffing, lifting, glow-giving, tension-releasing, and contouring benefits.
This ancient technique + tradition originated in Chinese medicine and was originally meant to "scrape" the skin to invigorate blood flow + release toxins. It was then found to bring vitality, glow, energy and stimulation to the skin.

Long Edge: ideal for long, smooth strokes from the center of the face outwards towards temple. Helps to release facial tension, aids lymphatic drainage + de-puffing. It can also help smooth tension in the back of the neck and shoulders.
Short Edge: best for under the eye area from inner corners outwards to help de-puff + stimulate circulation.
Curved Contour: ideal for cheekbone and jawline to help sculpt + define.
Teeth: helps alleviate puffiness, helps stimulate collagen + elastin.

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