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The Leave-In Conditioner

For the head of hair in pursuit of a better air dry comes this hybrid of nourishment and subtle styling. Extraordinarily versatile and great for all hair types, The Leave-In Conditioner is a lightweight, layer-able nourishing cream, meant to hydrate your hair post-shower. It quickly soaks in, smooths strands, and leaves them refined and textured without heaviness or stickiness. In some ways, it’s the ultimate do-it-all formula. 

The Leave-In Conditioner takes the best parts of the signature Renewal Mask (deep, thorough hydration) and the lighter Ritual Conditioner, and adds ease of use—no shower required—and a naturally defining effect.

Because of its ability to heal and protect hair, The Leave-In Conditioner simultaneously preserves length, locks in moisture for long-term hydration, and leaves you with less frizz and less breakage; better manageability, strength and growth; fully well-rounded hair health. And of course it smells amazing: a signature scent of bergamot, yuzu, and lemongrass. 

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