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Ultimate Soothing Cream

Backed by 30 years of research and innovation, The Ultimate Soothing Cream fuses an exclusive TFC8®, a proprietary blend of amino acids, high-grade vitamins and synthesized molecules that guide key nutrients to skin and supports the body’s innate reparative processes, with potent plant compounds to help address the root causes of dryness, redness, and irritation. This intensely soothing formula deeply nourishes skin with a unique blend of natural powerhouses including super antixodant Totarol and Vitamin B3, a fierce defender against external stressors in rebalancing the skin. Black Cumin Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Shea Butter and Provitamin B5 help rebuild the skin’s protective barrier function while delivering long-lasting relief and restoring youthful resilience for a rested, healthy complexion.

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