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Gee Women 7 months ago

Home For The Holidays

Staying home for the holidays? Us too.

In the mix of the holiday excitement, the family fun + the rush of getting everything checked off your list, sneak away for a moment or two to indulge in a little “you time.”

Fill up the bath, set your phone to airplane mode, or cozy up on the couch. Read more for how we’re romanticizing the small little moments that fill up our cup.

Miriam Gee:

Whenever I have a little downtime, I always spend it in the bath. My bath and body routine is something I hold very close and it's something I taught my girls from a young age. I fill the bath with essential oils and I use the time in there to really soak in all the relaxation. Afterwards, I love to mix different cocktails of nourishing oils with luxurious creams to really hydrate my body. Once it's all been absorbed, my trick is to take half a lemon and rub it all over my body. Not only is it an amazing natural exfoliant but the scent is so fresh and yummy.

Miriam's Lemon Trick!

Natalie Gee:

A few weeks ago, my parents were in from Toronto and took the kids for an afternoon while I managed to sneak in the best nap of my life. I put my phone on airplane mode, tuned on a calming playlist and enjoyed such a deep sleep. I woke up feeling so energized, refreshed and so rested. I've really learned that in order to show up as my best self, I need to fill up my own cup and this nap did exactly that.
Even though things tend to get busier over the holidays, I will certainly make time to re-create that amazing nap because I know that once I do, I'm able to be fully present and enjoy every moment with my family.

Our Wind Down Playlist

Celene Gee:

As someone who loves to cook, naturally I find myself in the kitchen with any downtime I have. I get so much enjoyment in collecting recipes, getting inspired, and sharing the food I make with family and friends. However as much as I love to cook and with all the hosting involved over the holiday season, i do know that it can get hectic. I've learned that there's something to be said for knowing what to make yourself and what can be ordered in or what you can ask your guests to bring to make your life around the holidays a little easier!

Stephanie Gee:

If you ask me, there's nothing better than soaking in some downtime with a reality TV binge over the holidays. We all work such busy jobs and live busy lives so indulging in some reality TV with a face mask on is essential to recoup. What's on my watch list? I'm catching up on episodes of Selling Sunet, Below Deck, Beverly Hills Housewives and when I need a laugh I'll switch over to Seinfeld because it'll just never get old.

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Here's to getting in some downtime this holiday!
xx The Gee's


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