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Guide 1 years ago

How I (Do & Don't) Get It All Done

Speaking from experience

I believe that my routines help me set a pace that allows me to get a lot accomplished. But of course - nothing is perfect and there's nothing like a hectic morning to remind me of that!

The first day back to school this week was rough! Like I'm not even sure if everyone brushed their teeth and we definitely didn't grab that 'back-to-school-everyone-smiling' group shot. I laugh it off and chalk it up to a few things I learned quickly this week I wanted to share.

I think our summer's pace had gotten too slow for school and I underestimated how long it all takes! I was carrying summer's ease into fall and it doesn't really work. There's just more of a hustle and higher energy when September hits into fall and we need to adjust - and give ourselves a bit of time to do so!

How I prep for the day ahead, is really all about the night before:

  • That means while I'm cooking dinner around 6pm, I'm thinking about my lunch the next day and meal prepping at the same time. I get my water bottle ready and my vitamins too
  • Then it’s wrapping up the day with kids with an activity like a walk or the park, then it’s their bath and bedtime, and then I immediately start getting myself ready for bed. That's the key
  • My PM skincare is 10 min - I don't have a 20+ min routine or anything at night. Bath is multi-purpose with dry brushing first, and then body oil while my skin is damp after I get out
  • I try to lay out my gym clothes and have an idea of what I want to wear to work the next day. I'll also try to organize the more tedious things that take up too much time in the morning rush when time is of the essence
Before bed, I try to organize the more tedious things that take up too much time in the morning rush when time is of the essence!”

What I also learned this week quickly is that I think there's a difference between being busy, and being rushed and overwhelmed. Being busy is what my day-to-day looks like right now with my family and work. But being rushed or overwhelmed really doesn't work for me - I get very stressed. My routines really help me set and move at the right pace so I am present and productive.

Also most importantly! No two days are the same so you also have to cut yourself some slack. Some days when we do get it, it feels like winning the lottery. But the next day could be a miss and it’s all good! Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start.”

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