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How Steph Is Setting Her 2024 Intentions

Any day, any minute, any hour can be your New Year.

We often put so much pressure on ourselves to set new resolutions for the upcoming year but it doesn't have to be that way. My sisters and I were raised with the mindset that we can start fresh at any point.

In preparation for 2024, I'm sharing some of the ways that I prepare for and set my intentions for the new year.

Starting Fresh

While January 1st marks a new year on a calendar, you can decide when you want to start fresh at any point. Of course it's great to have that marker but the idea is to not put so much pressure on one single day. We've always had the mindset that you can start new every morning and because of that we wake up with so much gratitude for the fact that we have that fresh start.

Of course there is also something so special about reviewing the year that has past — taking a look at what you've accomplished, how far you've grown and checking off all that you've done. It's also important to make time to reflect what you didn't do and dig deeper into those challenges so that you can work toward them in the new year.

It's all about doing what best serves you.” - Steph Gee
Check In

As we grow into another year, I always make time to check in with myself to take stock of my own personal growth and review the goals and achievements I've accomplished. I do this check-in twice a year, once around June and again around December. Twelve months can be a big chunk of time so that's why I like a mid-year check point. We were raised to see everyday as a new opportunity and to not make our goals so big in terms of a whole year, we can break them down daily so they don't feel daunting or intimidating.

I do check-ins in my personal relationships as well so in my marriage with Julien, we have a summertime check-in and another one at the end of December. We will talk about the things we've done and we discuss where we want to be in a year from now, 5 years, 10 years and what we do is write them down on paper and it goes on the fridge. We love doing it this way because we pass by it everyday and sometimes we don't notice it but when we we catch a glimpse, we can see what goals we've completed.

A Look At Our Wedding Weekend

I see this time of year as a great opportunity to sit back and take stock of my journey, my relationships and my goals because it's a time when we as a society tend to slow down and take a pause. Of course we're so lucky to have our weekends and vacation time but there's something really significant to me about the holiday season taking a moment. If we can take that break it's really important to embrace an intentional break.

This time of year for me is when I'm able to think bigger and create my lists, vision boards and do my best forward thinking.” - Steph Gee
Create A Wins List

My mum Miriam inspired me to create a Wins List which I keep in my phone and it's where I keep track of all my wins. They can be big or small like not cancelling an early morning workout or larger like an idea I came up with that benefits the business. They can be anything that shows and proves to ourselves how we push through and accomplish those things. Usually one month before the end of the year, I'll tell myself, my family, and Julien that I want to make this list so I can share it with them because I think it's really important to share it with people who support you and celebrate you, and vice versa.

These wins don't have to be intense, it's all about micro one percents that eventually work their way into being big changes.” - Steph Gee
Vision Board

The next thing I do after that is I create a vision board. I divide it into 4 parts: home, career, physical and mental health and then a more personal/fun section. I also make them into different sizes - computer/desktop size and mobile so its my phone background as well. I save them year over year and it's the same thing like the notes on my fridge - it's always there and sometimes I don't notice and other times it catches my eye and I take a moment to reflect.

Keep in mind that you don't have to keep to everything that's on your vision board, and that you can change it to follow your train of thought. I've learned not to put grandiose ideas out there but to think about the small things that will build me to where I want to be.

I always say this and I believe it whether it's in beauty, relationships and life is that anything great takes a significant amount of time and anything that happens too quickly is never going to last, in my opinion. When I reflect on my health and wellness fitness goals, I wanted to be at a certain point in my journey but when I look back at how far I've come, I'm reminded not to give up on the journey but to embrace it.

A few of my 2024 goals:

- The launch of my very own podcast - it's coming SO soon and I can't wait to share more!

- Finish decorating our beautiful new home!

- I'm looking forward to growing even more in the business, taking on new ventures, as well as more learning and becoming a more well-rounded entrepreneur.

- Adopt a puppy!

Steph's Home Must-Haves

It doesn't matter so much what happens between Christmas Day and New Year's Day, it matters more what happens between New Year's Day and Christmas Day.” - Steph Gee

The Gee January Playlist

Here's To An Amazing 2024!
Happy New Year, xx Steph


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