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Lifestyle 3 months ago

What We're Looking Forward To This Year

Welcome to 2023!

A new year brings with it new opportunities, new energy, a fresh mindset, and new goals. For us, 2023 is about leading with passion, sincerity, and finding your strength and focusing on what you truly love.

If 2022 taught us anything, it's that life isn't slowing down. So it's about falling in love with - and into - your best practices. Being with people who bring out good energy. The grass is greener where you water it, so let's focus on our best selves. We need clear vision so we don't get lost in the blur. 2023 is all about your choice. Choose what you do, who you're doing it with, and how it best serves you. It can be a challenge to make the right choices no question, but truly in our gut, we know what's best.

What we're here to do for you is to give you the foundation of a really great beauty routine. To be consistent for you. To give you excitement, good energy, strong vision, and of course, a few great skin and makeup tips. We're here to inspire each other, and to help you lead your best life. Here's to bringing more connection, value and intention into the new year.

What's ahead in 2023?

It's already shaping up to be BIG for Gee Beauty and we're thrilled and honored to have you along with us. We have incredible new launches this year, kicking off with a completely new beauty category called Skin Prep, launching this month! Plus, new makeup formulas, new shades of your already favorite products, more events, and new ways of using what we love. We're looking forward to continuing to provide that value.

It's about loving what you have, and new ways of engaging with it like why we wear Prime Skin everyday. Classics are timeless and that's exactly why the value of a Chanel bag is increasing - it's the same classic design, but its longevity creates more and more value. Wherever you're spending your time and energy should be your best investment. 

Today, we're sharing with you what we're all excited for this year — stay tuned to The #GeeList because you won't want to miss a beat!

Miriam Gee:

I'm excited about kicking off 2023 with incredible launches we've been working on for the past 2-3 years! Both in terms of makeup and skincare, we're really working hard to bring you products and experiences based on you, our clients. Our relationships and how well we know you and your skin really help shape our product development and what we want to create for you. Wait for it, The Duo Cleanse + Buff and the Prime Skin Beauty Oil are really going to WOW you!

Natalie Gee:

I'm excited to level up in 2023. In every way. This means expecting more of myself, leaning into my gut feelings, and not giving into doubt. Focusing on my family, my health, my routines, and my commitment to you and Gee Beauty. Falling in love with my routines because of how they serve me. I'm going to try to romance my routines because of how good they make me feel, even if they're hard in the moment. These are what I consider to be my foundations. I also really want to connect more in person with people who inspire me, meet more of our community, and have deeper conversations. I can't wait to create more content, and share more of what I do - I have so many ideas!

Celene Gee:

I'm really looking forward to more inspiration and creation in 2023. From new products, to packaging, photoshoots, content, curating the studios - being creative really drives and motivates me, and allows me to continue to come up with more innovative ideas for Gee Beauty. Travel, new experiences, our clients' feedback and seeing our brand grow is what really inspires me. We're in the midst of planning out the year's experiences and what we're creating for you - it's truly so exciting I can't wait to share more. Ohh and watch out because I'm working on my tennis skills big time this year!

Stephanie Gee:

Personally, 2023 is going to be incredibly special with my wedding coming up in June. I’ll be in ‘decor-tasting menus-invitations-wedding dress’ mode! Professionally, I’m excited to grow our amazing Gee Beauty community, host more makeup classes and launch new makeup. It’s all so exciting!

The Gee's New Year Playlist

Here's to an amazing 2023!
xx The Gee's


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