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Gee Tried & Trusted

We understand your time is precious, & you don't have unlimited hours to spend. So we’ve found a way to manage your beauty routine more efficiently while still maintaining only the highest level of care & attention. It’s by emphasizing your natural attributes, providing the latest looks & by teaching you our secrets to maintaining a healthy beauty routine.

Having tried & tested it all, the Gee women cut through the clutter to bring only the best of the best in products, treatments & experiences.

What makes Gee Beauty different? The Gee women are multi-generational beauty experts & curators, committed to sharing their beauty knowledge, offering an unparalleled experience, and personalized service to you. The result is a modern, accessible approach to beauty and wellness that connects with women and men of all ages. With incredible brand partners & their own house range of beauty products that grow with you over time, Gee Beauty's easy, effortless, lifestyle makeup brand delivers a full range of high-performance, hybrid skin & makeup that enhance natural beauty. The Gee women are all about simplifying the process yet maximizing the results. It's what they call

Modern makeup & lifestyle beauty
Knowledge is power. We're all about educating & sharing our wealth of information to help everyone maintain their beauty & wellness” - Stephanie Gee

We Are Here For You


An effective beauty regimen doesn't have to be an overwhelming one. Ask us any question about makeup, skincare, how to find the best products for your unique skin, or to shade match you for Gee Beauty Makeup. Our CLIENT EXPERIENCE TEAM, led by the Gee women, is highly-trained to assist and guide you through our products & beauty treatments.