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24 Lessons We're Sharing For 2024

A new year means a new perspective!

We believe that everyday can be your new year — you can start fresh at any point and allow a new day to bring you new opportunities to grow.

To welcome in 2024, we're sharing 24 lessons, goals, and practices we're going to take with us into the new year.

Miriam Gee:

- Skincare tools are a must, my gold bar, the Joanna Czech face massager, and the new De La Heart body sculptor

- Dedicated to working on my scalp health and my hair

- Calming my inner mind during my down time and committing to my at-home practices

- Resting and rejuvenating on Saturdays (my shabbat)

- Reading, listening and being very present in whichever moment I’m in

- Being with my family as much as possible, if its just a few days in Miami with my grandkids, I’ll take it!

Natalie Gee:

- Continue to commit to my home workout and longevity routine. Doing Rachel Fitness has been one of the greatest accomplishments coming out of 2023, recognizing how important consistency is and how much time I save working out from home!

- Celebrate Life More! Not waiting for "special occasions" to dress well, make the recipe, treat myself and plan with intention. 

- While we can't erase the past, we can learn to live with less regret. And so for the year ahead of all the mistakes I will make, I want to make sure I dont dwell or stay silent with myself! I am looking forward to a year of living unapologetically. 

- Lately I have been investing in key wardrobe pieces, both luxury and tailored. I want to do more of this, less fast fashion, more wearing what I love on repeat.

- Establish a Gee Beauty Facial Routine! After 18 years, I'm booking myself in -  I believe in facials and the way they treat the skin!

- Less Screen Time - More Life Time. I'm saying Yes this year. 

The Gee January Playlist

Celene Gee:

- Holi (radiance) in my daily morning lemon water

- Thinking through any splurge or investment item, even a fancy dinner out at a restaurant (is this something that brings me value, I put to good use, that commemorates or celebrates something, will it last etc…) I want to ensure I create or buy high-value experiences or things

- To stay creative with my work, with the Gee brand, cooking in the kitchen, and with my experiences

- Be focused and present with my time, including managing healthy screen time

- Daily movement

- Quarterly Age/Less micro-needling treatments, and bringing back my at-home LED for regular use

Steph Gee:

- Pre-booking all my Gee appts, for brows and lashes every 6 weeks, and then a facial rotation of micro-needling and hydra facial

- Daily news app called The President’s Daily Brief

- I’m launching my own podcast and I cannot wait to share more with you!

- Trying not to hit snooze on my morning alarm

- We just got a dog, so I’m all about dog life right now and enjoying the love and her energy, and all the new changes with her in our home

- Being present when I eat and making a moment of my meal time, always sitting, and being present and not distracted. Trying not to eat and run, or eat on the go

Here's to an incredible 2024!
xx The Gee's


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