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Hair 5 months ago

Gee Edit Takeover: Meet Dianna Cohen


Today on the #GeeEdit, Dianna is sharing how she started Crown Affair, her hair wash day must haves and how she maintains her hair health.


How did the idea + creation of Crown Affair start?

I've spent almost a decade in the consumer brand space, starting at Into The Gloss in 2012. That experience showed me the profound connection beauty can create online. As an early employee or consultant for high-growth startups like Away, Outdoor Voices, Harry’s, Spring, and Tamara Mellon, I honed my expertise around understanding consumer behavior and what it means to put product into the world as a reflection on consumer identities. When it came to Crown Affair, I was always the friend in the friend group who was obsessed with hair. One day I decided to put all of my recommendations and guidance for hair in a google doc and that doc spread way beyond my network. That was the lightbulb moment in realizing how many incredible women were struggling to appreciate their hari and didn’t know where to start. I wanted to create a line that was as efficacious and results driven as professional lines, but much cleaner and healthier for your hair. 

Recognizing the need to connect people with the right products, guidance, and community, I founded Crown Affair to build the brand and product universe I had always dreamed of in a category that didn't exist.” - Dianna Cohen
If you had to describe your beauty routine in 3 words, what would they be?

Intentional, Luxurious, Simple.

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What's your best-kept hair secret for anyone looking for stronger, healthier hair?

When it comes to hair, every single touch point counts. Hair is a unique fiber that requires our utmost attention and care, especially when wet. When wet, the hair fiber swells and is in its most vulnerable state. I tell everyone to reach for The Towel, which absorbs the dampness from your hair in a fraction of the time. If your hair is too damp it will cause hydral fatigue, which will cause more breakage. Reach for a hair towel post-wash and then hydrate your hair with The Leave In Conditioner. It’s a weightless moisturizer for your hair that makes your hair fiber more flexible, which means the fiber is stronger and has way less breakage.

Leave-in conditioner is an emollient and hair oil is an occlusive— it takes the moisture and locks it all in, leaving you with healthy, hydrated hair.” - Dianna Cohen

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We appreciate your love of Gee Beauty and you have always been so supportive of us. What Gee Beauty products are your current faves?

Color Stick in Bronzebeam — this bronzer stick texture is perfect. The color is amazing and adds a natural glow, even for someone who is fairly pale like me! 

Prime Skin — such an amazing formula, adds the right subtle glow and lives so nicely on the skin.

Photo Touch Concelear — it’s the perfect coverage. Not too heavy and blends seamless into skin.

What does your current hair wash day ritual look like?
  1. Begin by brushing with The Brush No. 001 before shower, allowing the dual-bristle nylon and boar bristle to distribute natural oils and remove debris from the scalp.
  2. Ensure hair is fully wet with lukewarm water before applying products to open the hair cuticle for better absorption.
  3. Wash using The Ritual Shampoo, utilizing a naturally derived surfactant system that cleanses without stripping essential oils. Double cleanse for a lather on the second wash, focusing primarily on the scalp.
  4. Opt for The Cleansing Scrub if my hair has buildup or I used styling products. This sulfate-free, color-safe scrub provides a deep clean, unclogs pores, and stimulates scalp blood flow without harshness.
  5. Condition for moisture and softness with The Renewal Mask, featuring lightweight hydration from Tsubaki seed oil. Leave it in for a few minutes or overnight, and rinse with colder water for silky hair. Alternatively, The Ritual Conditioner provides daily hydration. Rinse with cooler water to seal the cuticle.
  6. Dry your hair in a fraction of the time with The Towel. Your hair as a fiber is most vulnerable when wet. Wrap your hair with The Towel and leave it in for 20-30 minutes. You can leave it in for longer if you like while doing other things. 
  7. Use a wide tooth comb like The Comb No. 001 / The Comb No. 002 to detangle starting at the bottom and working from the bottom of your strands moving upwards towards the crown. A wide tooth comb is more gentle on your scalp and will cause less stretching of your hair fiber when it’s wet.
  8. The Leave In Conditioner is like a lotion for your hair. Our formulation is rich and luxe yet so lightweight. It makes your hair hydrated, fuller, more flexible, and soft to the touch.
Can you give us a sneak peek into what's coming from Crown Affair in 2024?

I could not be more excited about what’s coming down the pipeline for Crown Affair. We’re innovating in the styling category— it’s takes years to formulate a clean product that actually works, and it’s even more of an exciting challenge with dated styling products. We also have innovation coming in the air dry space I’m excited to share more on soon.

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Here's to healthy hair!


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