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Guide 9 months ago

Beauty From The Inside

Our SKIN WEEK wouldn't be complete without talking about the core inner beauty essentials that truly make the biggest difference when it comes to getting a fresh and gorgeous glow, good energy levels, and balance in our digestive systems.

To round out an incredible week of skin knowledge, ingredient benefits, studio treatment spotlights and new brand launches, we're breaking down the transformative daily practices that nourish our minds and bodies from the inside out.


There's a reason they call it the fountain of youth - the more we hydrate the more we glow (and maintain energy levels, aid digestion, boost our circulatory system, help nourish our cells). The benefits of staying hydrated with alkaline water are endless, but of course it can become too routine and like a task we need to accomplish each day. Try to make it fun by adding lemon or mint - which is great for calming. Or add electrolytes which is what I've been doing lately. it makes the water taste great and provides a boost of minerals to help accomplish your wellness goals.


We all take such pride in our morning routines. I always start my mornings by squeezing half a lemon into my water and I drink it with my AM vitamins and supplements. As I wait for my coffee to brew I mist my skin to wake it up, and then do my skincare routine - lately its a mix of Agent Nateur the Holi Trinity, and Dr. Barbara Sturm's The Good C and Hyaluronic Acid.

I'm really trying not to scroll through my phone and specifically Instagram until I've done my morning meditations and prayers. It all happens fast, but it's a solid routine that I've come to rely on.

I also try to move my body everyday - either something high intensity like Rachel Fitness to get my heart rate up, or something lengthening and toning like Melissa Wood Health. My routine is kind of like my checklist to set me up for success everyday.


One of our favorite ways to boost our wellness is to get moving. Whether you're all about your steps or getting in a good workout, moving your body does wonders for boosting circulation and our lymphatic systems. We especially carve out the time to go on a long walk after a flight as it is the best to help combat any post-travel puffiness or water retention.


  1. Increased energy levels
  2. Improves circulation
  3. Boosts your mood
  4. Aids in digestion
  5. Improves sleep
  6. Reduces stress levels


A good night's sleep is integral to overall good health, wellness & natural beauty. A good nights rest plays a huge part in your energy level during the day. Even if you aren't a morning person, getting a full 8 hours means you hopefully won't feel that mid-afternoon slump. If you need some help winding down in the evenings, start by limiting screen time and by brewing tea, taking a bath and doing some mindful movement or journaling.

My nightly bath is my wind-down time and totally signals my body and mind that bedtime is coming. It’s like the transition from day to evening for me – knowing that my day is done – I really focus on wellness, planning for the next day, and my beauty routine.

My game-changing post bath tip is to drink a glass of cold water right after. It feels amazing! I feel so cozy and fresh afterwards.” - Celene Gee

I definitely admit to having an extensive bath and body routine – it’s like a ritual. I focus on hydration, incorporating essential oils, scrubs and creams, and usually do a face mask while I soak. This really calms my body down and begin to feel tired and ready for sleep.

Thanks for joining us in Skin Week!

XX Celene Gee


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